The Caring Touch 2004 Archives

Christ and Christmas

Is he in there for you?

You can't take Christ out of Christmas even if you try.

Ten Steps to Help You with the Blues

Blues got you down?

We all get a little blue or depressed; here are 10 suggestions to help us.

New Bodies and Close Calls

What will your new body look like?

God will make us new and give us knew bodies when Christ comes again.

The Four Hardest Words

Why is it so hard to say?

We all have the fear of being rejected by the one we love, but Jesus knows this fear best.

Responding to the Gift-Giver

What do you do for those who give you gifts?

We bless because we have been blessed.

Mission of Mercy

Can mercy still take flight today?

Jesus gave up everything for us to bring us to God; we can see that same spirit of sacrifice in the angels of mercy flights.

A Place at Dinner with Jesus

Who would you have eat with you at your table?

We show our fellowship and friendship through those for whom we extend table fellowship and meals.

Compassionate Like Our Savior

How would Jesus deal with folks in Beverly Hills?

In Hollywood, we can find people who are rich and people who are poor, but what they have in common is that they all need the compassion of Jesus demonstrated to them.