It is up to you to decide who Jesus is. That may sound like a strange thing for a Christian to say, but it is true. Even when Jesus was here on earth, there was quite a bit of discussion about who he really was. Jesus himself sometimes asked who people said he was. The answers often were that he was one of the Jewish prophets—Elijah perhaps, or maybe Jeremiah. Some thought he might be his cousin, John the baptizer. But Jesus wanted to know one more thing. He asked his closest followers who they thought that he was. Peter answered for them all when he said he believed him to be the Son of the Living God.

You have to decide who you believe Jesus to be.

You might believe he is a mythical figure that represents an idealistic moral code. In other words, you can get some good advice about an ethical way to live. Or you may believe he was a real person who led a religious movement that still has followers today. Interesting, maybe even worth studying. Neither of those options makes him any different than dozens of other people who have lived on this earth or in our stories.

If that is who you believe Jesus to be, it really does not demand much from you.

But if you believe him to be the Son of God, it changes everything. That conviction demands everything from you. That would mean he really did die for your sins. It would mean he really was raised from the dead. Mythical people are not real, and good religious people who die have nothing to do with forgiveness of our sins. If Jesus is the Son of God, then that changes everything.

That conviction does demand a response. Believing that will change your life. Peter confessed his belief that Jesus was the Son of God. He gave his whole life to following Jesus because of that belief. You can read about him in the Bible in the book of Acts.

And I too believe Jesus to be the Son of God. That truth has made all the difference in my life also. So you must decide who you believe Jesus to be.

I believe Jesus is the Son of God.
If you believe him to be the Son of God, your life will change forever. I can help you know how. Write to me at, or visit our website.

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