At first glance it seems so unfair. He hired a group of day laborers who worked hard all day, but they were not going to finish the job. Throughout the day he added to his workforce, even adding people who were only able to work the last hour. When it came time to pay his workers, he gave everyone the same amount. For those who had worked all day, it seemed so unfair. But for those who had worked only at the end of the day, it was a wonderful surprise. The employer explained that he had paid the first workers exactly what he agreed to pay. As for the others, it was his choice to be generous.

This is a story that Jesus told and it is a story of hope. It is for those who think they missed their chance to believe in Jesus. There are those times in life when people face their regrets about choices they made. And those regrets are often because they chose not to follow Jesus. It may be that the children have grown up and you wish you had shown them value and purpose based on the eternal principles found in Christianity. Perhaps you have retired, and now realize that most of the things you thought were important really do not matter to you now. Or as you age, you realize that you will die and you are not really prepared for the afterlife.

You realize you do believe, but you wonder if you have waited too long. Is it too late? Did you miss your opportunity to believe in Jesus? Have you wasted your life? You long for a chance to start over. If you find yourself having some of these thoughts, this story is for you. Our God is generous and gracious. His invitation to believe in his Son Jesus and live forever is still open. It is not too late. Becoming a Christian late in life will make a statement to your family about what matters. God will still use your life as an example to influence others. But most importantly… it changes your eternal future.

I know this because my own grandfather was over 80 when he became a Christian. Of course he wished he had done it earlier. But he received the same reward as my grandmother who became a Christian when she was a young girl. They are together in heaven.

Angels do rejoice over the old converts too.
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