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Last Lights on the Tree
As the fire rhythmically flickers in our fireplace, I sit in our darkened living room staring at the Christmas tree lit up in our nearby ... (read more)

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Joy to the World!
The story of Jesus' birth has a gritty, real world feel that we recognize. This is our world, and this world is ... (read more)

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Communion and Christmas
Thoughts of communion often turn to the physical sufferings of Christ. If you have read or seen one of those physician's account of death by crucifixion... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Heaven's Light
We live in a world of light, darkness, and shadows. This is the inescapable reality of our physical world. We may experience only one ... (read more)
Face of God?
Donna took a video recently of me playing with one of our foster grandsons. This video is precious to me for many reasons. One of them, however, most folks ... (read more)
Dancing for Immanuel
There were obvious problems, so Donna and I hurried in to her doctor. Our son was four years old. This was Donna's second pregnancy, and we were... (read more)
Glory Awaits
November is a month full of memories. Autumn blows in with a growl, winter's chill shows its face, and Thanksgiving beckons... (read more)
For Such a Time as This!
Just saying the phrase, "for such a time as this," reminds many of us of the story. The phrase was said to Queen Esther by her foster... (read more)
Compass Point
Several days ago, I was in the middle of the woods and a little disoriented on my directions — let's just say I'd lost sight of my compass point ... (read more)
We were in a bit of a rush trying to get off for a trip, but we were making sure our story about "The Community" was recorded on video. Donna shared her ... (read more)
Imperfect Love
At our Sunday orientation session, Miguel had warned us, "Your love for these children will make this the happiest time you have ever gotten lice." He was ... (read more)
Making a Difference?
Risky! It is always risky to use a beach illustration with folks who live in a beach town. But even though I was speaking in a South Florida beach ... (read more)
Go Take a Dip
It is hard to imagine what it is like to be abducted as a little girl and ripped from your home and all you know, and then find yourself living in... (read more)
Don't Go Fishing?
I want to share a good fish story with you! No, this isn't a sports article or an outdoor article, so stay tuned, please! And this is not a personal ... (read more)
Hem of the Garment
We are going to a dark place ... in a dark time ... to people in a dark and dangerous situation ... trapped for a long time ... (read more)
When the Dude's a Dud?
When do you think it was worst for the people of God? Some would suggest I not put that in the past tense and would assert that now is the worst ... (read more)
Transition out of Darkness
Some of us have been called to be God's people for tough times of transition. This may be a circumstance of culture or of the lack of church leadership or of family catastrophe or... (read more)
The Scarlet Cord
In a time of both personal and national darkness, God brought together two spies from Israel and one "harlot" named Rahab to bring victory for ... (read more)
Risky Faith
How else would you describe the situation? Drought had ravaged the land — not just her land or her country, but the whole region. She was a ... (read more)
The Dirt, the Hole, the Tree, and the Question
It's hard to believe that it's been thirty years. I can still remember getting out of the family car at the cemetery. I don't remember much else ... (read more)
Building the Bridge to Bring Us Home
She had it all — beauty, money, children, and an important husband. Then last Thanksgiving, it all began to fall apart. The cracks in their ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Leading Us Safely Home
Where are you from?" It was one of those questions I didn't really know how to answer. My folks moved every three or four years with my dad's job. We lived ... (read more)
SpiritFire - More than Near
We were bone tired and filthy. We were in a South American country, had ridden 90 minutes back to the hotel after having been... (read more)
SpiritFire - Gifted Children
What's the best gift you have ever received? Okay, let's take the whole Jesus-salvation-hope-heaven answers off ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Unity of the Spirit?
My roommate on the mission trip said, "My heart aches to see them come to Christ." There were tears in Kent's eyes as ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Overflow?
I wonder how many times the woman trudged to the well, rejected and isolated, and drew water from that same well and ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Abba
"Did you hear that? He said it just as plain as day!" "Yep, I heard him," I replied, "he said 'da-da'... (read more)
SpiritFire - The Master's Voice
Do you remember the first time you heard music through quality headphones? I sure do! I was about twelve years old and... (read more)
SpiritFire - Unforgivable?
We hadn't been in the house long, but we knew there was a serious problem with the drain line for the washer in ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Potholes, Ditches, and Freedom
We hit a huge pothole, heard a "kajunk," the truck jerked to a stop, and we watched our right rear tire roll ... (read more)
SpiritFire - How Do I Think of the Spirit?
A few weeks ago, I returned from Thailand after several incredible weeks. I was blessed to help a number of young ... (read more)
SpiritFire - Two Choices
With our first child, our son Zach, we thought we were such brilliant parents. When faced with a dilemma or a... (read more)
C2K - Kiss the Bride
Marvin and Oi's wedding was one of the many highlights of my recent trip to Thailand. You have to understand... (read more)
C2K - Living Beyond the Cliché
Don't miss the thunder in the first two words: "Our Father ..."! When we talk about moving from today's view of church to ... (read more)
C2K - Go Smaller to Go Deeper
For the last hour, I've been watching the worship "how to" parody called "Sunday's Coming" and reading the ... (read more)
C2K - Living Words
"You want to know what I proclaim — what I teach, preach, and believe? Look at him. His life will show what ... (read more)
C2K - Sending Church
When I first heard the news, my heart sank. I thought to myself, "Here we go again!" Another talented, godly, special ... (read more)
C2K - Mission Minded
Have you read the book of Jonah lately? I hear it's a whale of good story! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Most folks ... (read more)
C2K - The Church that Helps People
Jesus had just heard his Father's words of approval spoken in front of his closest followers as he was "transfigured" with ... (read more)
C2K - DNA Testing
Years ago, a friend of my brother stepped into the foyer of our church building. I didn't know him. I had never ... (read more)
C2K - View from the Top
We fought our way through the aspens after a steep climb through pines. We were a trio of boys from the flat land ... (read more)
Dawn of the New Way: Risen!
This monster first showed its ugly presence with Cain and Abel. It has infected and polluted the relationships of ... (read more)
You Have Always Been Drawn to Wood
I have often wondered what Mary, the mother of Jesus, thought as she watched her boy — who also happened to be ... (read more)
Dawn of The New Way: Lifted Up

Was he even there? I've often wondered if he was there at the triumphal entry to hear the crowd yell out... (read more)
Tested Tough
I live in high school football heaven. This last year in Abilene, we had teams in 3-A, 4-A, and 5-A divisions all advance well into the state playoffs ... (read more)
Re: Vision 2020
Imagine that you are one of the following: Rocky, Drew, Johnny, Mary, or Sally. Your small group has gotten together in the upstairs den ... (read more)
Catch & Release: First Importance
Sometimes we make things too confusing. When the apostle Paul wrote a struggling community of new believers in Corinth, they faced many ... (read more)
Catch & Release: Blessings
Deep in the heart of our spiritual DNA, if we look carefully and listen to the echoes of the past, we find these ... (read more)
Catch & Release: Witnesses
Have you ever thought how crazy these words are ... how unbelievable this promise is ... how impossible this dream ... (read more)
Catch & Release: Fear
Threatening! That's the best way to characterize the dire circumstances in which Peter and John found ... (read more)

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