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On Tiptoe!
Angels are "servants of those being saved" as defined by Scripture and messengers by the definition... (read more)

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A Free-for-All Christmas?
Have you noticed that the Christmas season is more like "let's get ready to rumble" than "O holy night"?... (read more)

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How Do You Grasp this Mystery?
How do you understand this mystery? How do you grasp this unfathomable conception of the Messiah in the womb... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Winter Has Fallen
My wife, Donna, reminds me occasionally that we don't have autumn in Texas, just fall. One day it's 85 degrees... (read more)
Starting Fresh
We met at a coffee shop. He had said something about wanting to be baptized several days earlier, but I... (read more)
Upside-Down Blessings
Hope your thanksgiving is great! In fact, I hope our Thanksgiving is great too! We've had some good ones, and... (read more)
The Voice of Our Father
When our son entered the world, he was hurt and upset, crying loudly. I said, "Zachary, this is dad, it's... (read more)
More Than a Façade
A number of years ago, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we awoke to a sea of stench. Raw sewage... (read more)
Horrifying Halloween
Halloween was horrifying that dreadful night ten years ago. However, the horror didn’t have anything to do with... (read more)
Family Messes
Many years ago when I was a boy, our family would go out to eat at a cafeteria on the way to Wednesday night church. With three boys... (read more)
Serving Grace
One of my mentors and heroes has taught for years that it is easier to act oneself into a better way of... (read more)
Getting Out of Our Ditch
Two weeks ago, instead of focusing on the horrific news of two school shootings which occurred in the same week... (read more)
Always Golden!
Most of us have done this at one time or another. We're reading a very familiar passage of Scripture and something... (read more)
This Time, Giving Up is Winning
At first glance, what Jesus did in this situation goes against everything I have been taught over the years... (read more)
If you are like me, you find it hard to imagine this word describing your life's work. For years, I had a cartoon... (read more)
Today is the fifth anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City. Rather than... (read more)
Rest from Your Labor!
These are not wimpy words. They remind us of the grit and determination to make life happen in a fallen... (read more)
The Masterpiece
God placed great power in the beauty of our world! He chose to give us this beauty as a blessing and as a... (read more)
The Power of Memory
I began this morning like I do most: I woke up, stretched, did sit ups, took a trip to the wc, weighed (argh!)... (read more)
I drive by it nearly every day. The smell is especially hard to take right now since I've had to cut down... (read more)
Where to Find the Help of a Friend?
The first headline referred to an article about a prayer box we put below our electronic sign in front of... (read more)
Dead Tires and Road Trash
The weather has been scorching in Texas and all across the U.S. If you travel many miles on the Texas Interstate highways... (read more)
More than Change
We know that change is the one constant in our lives on this side of eternity. Donna and I have been overwhelmed... (read more)
Snap! Crackle! Pop! I'm not talking about breakfast cereal. This was the sizzling sound of anger behind the email... (read more)
For Freedom!
Freedom has always been purchased at a high cost. For years, I listened to a dear friend and Elder share his experiences of Normandy and... (read more)
Unity, empowered by love, is that ever-elusive characteristic that Jesus prayed would define his... (read more)
This article is being written in an airport. I have spent most of the last two days at different... (read more)
Laying Down Real Foundations
Because the Haystack Rock is so huge, I had greatly underestimated my walk along the beach. I was taking... (read more)
Worship and the Ballpark?
Sometimes life's important messages come together at the same time. When they do, I try to pay... (read more)
Haunting Eyes and Needed Guilt
We were on vacation and in an unimportant hurry — you know, one of those hurries more from habit... (read more)
The Code Breaker
The flury over The Da Vinci Code has been going on now for several months. The frenzy has reached its... (read more)
The Forgotten Virtue
By most accounts, life is extremely busy for most of us. Productivity is the bottom line. Stress, financial... (read more)
Who Could Ask for More?
Many years ago on a beautiful warm spring day, my wife, Donna, was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches... (read more)
W.A.T.S. Happening
"Did you enjoy the worship service today?" Seems like a harmless question, doesn't it? However, there are... (read more)
To Blog or Not to Blog
You know you don't have to write so much when you write your blog! Just make it a few sentences... (read more)
The Jesus Bashers
It's that time of year again. No, I'm not talking about frilly dresses, Easter Baskets, and the celebration of... (read more)
I had just gotten back from the DFW metroplex. All around the metroplex, fires had burned uncontrollably for... (read more)
Decade of Grace
Wow, I can still remember the the first time I heard the word decade. I wasn't even ten years old. At that time... (read more)
Hold Up?
I guess I’m not officially in the older set, but I do spend more time looking for good shoes than I do... (read more)
With the Help of Friends
Thirty years ago, Dr. Neil Lightfoot, a respected professor and mentor, tried to teach me an important lesson... (read more)
Personality or Person?
Wednesday had been a long day. I began early in the morning with a friend in ministry who had been unexpectedly... (read more)
Falling on our Face
We've all done it. We've "fallen on our face." Some of us have done it literally. My nickname through early... (read more)
Listen to Your Teacher
Vann and I had come in early for a pre-office hours meeting. We were both exhausted from a busy weekend... (read more)
Delayed Truth
When I finished it, I knew I needed to wait to print it. It was too fresh. People were too close and might be hurt if I ran it so soon after... (read more)
Better Get Better!
The coaches and owners of thirty NFL teams have just finished doing what I’ve been doing — they’ve just watched the first half of... (read more)
More than Falling Dominoes
Recently, a nearby office supply store had a major fire. Since this store was close to where I work... (read more)
The Motivation of the Moment
I got myself in this pickle with only two days to get ready to go to the Heartlight board meeting. The main problem in preparing for... (read more)
God's Horizon
The first day of the week exploded on the eastern horizon. The few clouds left in this winter sky were ablaze with the promise of a gorgeous... (read more)
Holy Impatience!
The end of each year and the dawn of a new one take on more meaning when your birthday falls on December... (read more)
Fresh and New
We awoke yesterday to a Lord's Day that heralded the New Year — an opportunity for a fresh start on life and faith. Our age is not... (read more)

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