Today is the fifth anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon, and the heroic effort to bring down Flight 93 before it could be used to destroy other people and buildings in Washington. Rather than publishing another article today, I felt it would be good to link (see the bottom of the page) to some of the original articles that were run early on after this horrifying day. Our world has not been the same, and will never be the same, since that shocking day five years ago.

Please say a prayer today for those who lost loved ones on that day.

Please pray for God to help us find a way to some sort of peace in our world.

Please remember all the rescue workers, most of whom have significant health problems as well as emotional struggles because of their service that day.

Please pray that God will awaken his Church to live as Kingdom people, shaped by the example of Jesus, and call us to serve our broken world.

Finally, I encourage you to read the following article from five years ago, written a month after 911, entitled, Beyond Circling:

Please say a prayer today.

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