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Don't Let Go!
I find it sad that in a time when so many are full of joy, the pain of the lonely is increased. In more than... (read more)

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Are We Missing Something?
It is 1:00 on Saturday afternoon not too long before Christmas. The kids are with their friends and will be well cared... (read more)
I Did It for You!
James and Kati Kim left San Francisco to travel to Seattle for Thanksgiving last year. With the holiday over... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

The Best Gifts
Truth is, the best gifts of all are not meant to be kept or even possessed; they are intended to be given a way ... to be passed on from... (read more)
Love Beyond the Ledger
There was a time, before Television (BT), when families in the US would gather in their living rooms and listen to radio dramas. "One Man's... (read more)
Kids Say the Most Important Things!
She couldn't wait to tell me about it. It was her story of faith. "My little granddaughter, Tina, was in Children's Hospital, Santa Ana, California. We had... (read more)
Give Your Kids a Sporting Chance
It's that time of year again. Fall sports are in full swing and that can be a great thing. Through sports, kids can learn about fair play, respect, and... (read more)
Out of the Shadows?
Right now, somewhere in the world people are dealing with tragedy — lost in a vortex of grief. In the last few months we've heard the news... (read more)
Growing the Roots!
When our twin boys were about 7 years old, they planted some seeds beneath our deck. The ground was softer there and it was easier... (read more)
The Empty Nest?
You know you are suffering from "Empty Nest Syndrome" if ... you have thrown out the better part of the last several one-gallon jugs of milk, but still... (read more)
A Little Washing
I like the circulating story about rain in the Wal-Mart parking lot. If you recall a crowd has gathered at the exit... (read more)
Breakfast in Bed
This past week was Bible camp for us. For the last fourteen years, I've spent a week of the summer serving as... (read more)
Down the Road
I really miss you today. It hit me as I was listening to Amy Grant sing "Somewhere Down the Road" and writing daily devotionals. It's also... (read more)
I'm Sorry, Butt ...
"If I don't scream, how can I get my kids to do anything?" That's the question on the minds of many at the... (read more)
Help! I've Become My Mother
I swore it would never happen, but it did. I noticed it one sweltering August afternoon in 2001. I opened my mouth and ... out came my... (read more)
Connecting the Dots!
When I was a kid, we were so mistreated. No one had portable DVD players, iPods, Leapsters, or PSP's. When we traveled we had to settle for coloring books... (read more)
Multi-talented Mommy Ears
I was visiting with Sue from Arcanum, Ohio, the other day and she mentioned how she had overheard her child... (read more)
Little Acts of Love
As I loaded dishes into the dishwasher, I sang along with the radio. My grandson looked up from the picture he was coloring and said... (read more)
A Far Country
That last sentence represents every parent's worst nightmare. God placed this precious little child in your care while you were still learning to take care... (read more)
Silly Love Songs
Despite my love for Paul McCartney's post-Beatles work with Wings, I have to agree with John Lennon on this one... (read more)
I Got God!
Jack and I were sitting on the couch the other night. We were watching our favorite show, Deal or No Deal. This show... (read more)
A Lion in the Kitchen
Do you have that visual in your mind? A hungry lion is in your kitchen. What would you do? I know what I would... (read more)
Downer Jr. High
We moved to a different town just as I entered junior high school. Making the transition from elementary school... (read more)
Fish Sticks, Turkey, Ducks and a Goose
It was many years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. We had moved to the mountains and my wife... (read more)
Bananas and Avocados
You are probably wondering, "What in the world do avocados and bananas have in common?" They are both... (read more)
What It Takes to Bring Them Home
I grew up in Tennessee. We call ourselves the Volunteer State because we're proud of our heritage of sending... (read more)
The Real Reason
I received a new gift given to me from a couple in my last "Nearly Wed" class that I teach at church. It is the... (read more)
That's Not the Way that Momma Did It
Well, I owe an apology to my readers! I recently wrote an article entitled, "What's missing?" It was about the fact that... (read more)

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