And he [Jesus] said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3 TNIV).

She couldn't wait to tell me about it. It was her story of faith.

"My little granddaughter, Tina, was in Children's Hospital, Santa Ana, California. We had requested prayers from area churches and we gathered in the waiting room the night before the surgery to pray for success. I had great faith, but I was still worried.

"The operation was serious. It was heart valve repair, but Tina wasn't concerned. This six-year old trooper was an inspiration.

"The next morning the surgery went well and we were thankful, but unprepared for what happened next. Tina was in the recovery area and barely conscience when the surgeon came by. The Doctor got out his stethoscope, listened a bit and said, 'Tina, everything went fine.'

"Tina opened her eyes and whispered, 'Doctor, did you see Jesus?'

"Stunned by the question, the doctor replied, 'No, was I supposed to?'

"'Well,' Tina said, 'he lives in my heart!'" 

With tears of joy, this excited grandmother told me, "I will never be the same. Those words opened my eyes. I now look for Jesus in the most unexpected places."


Children often say things that break through all the clutter and open our eyes to spiritual realities, ones we have missed or ignored or misunderstood.

What words have you heard children or grandchildren say that touched your heart and changed your life?

Listen to the children this week. Listen for wonder!