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Life, at Best, Is Transitory
"Must, must, must — all of us get in our minds that this world is not our home, and that life, at best, is transitory."... (read more)

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Finding Peace
In the maelstrom of emotion during this holiday season, let God surround you with his peace. Cast all of your worries on him and focus on the things that will truly bring you peace.... (read more)

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It's the People, Not the Presents ...
Programs end and buildings collapse in time. But the people in my church family never end.... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

Switching the Tags
To illustrate the mixed-up values of his day, Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard told a modern day parable about thieves who broke into a jewelry store at night. Instead of stealing anything, they merely switched the price tags, putting high-value ticke... (read more)
I'm Afraid I Can't Live Up To It ...
When you make that decision to fully commit to Jesus, he provides valuable resources to help you be His person in this world.... (read more)
When a Church Stops Being a Church
In the New Testament, we read about a church that was very hard-working and careful to defend all the correct teachings. They were quick to expose those that tried to teach mistruths. They had maintained their faith during difficult times. They had done a... (read more)
I Love My Shredder
The list of my sins can never be reconstructed.... (read more)
God Knows
Late in his life, the apostle John finds himself in a prison of sorts, exiled to the island of Patmos. The island is tiny, only 25 square miles (64 square kilometers). It is a barren place where political prisoners are sent to contemplate their actions. J... (read more)
Which Way Does Your Name Tag Face?
Jesus did not call us to live as "hidden" believers. ... (read more)
Jesus Holds the Keys
Near the end of his life, the apostle John was exiled to the island of Patmos, sent there because of his faith in Jesus. While there, John received a vision. That vision contained a message for his fellow Christians who were also facing persecution. That ... (read more)
What Good Is One Puzzle Piece?
... if God’s plan for His people is like a puzzle ... we do not want our piece to be missing. ... (read more)
The God Who Cares
"Jesus wept." That verse,  John 11:35, is the shortest verse in the English Bible (in the original Greek, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 is shorter). Two words. Three syllables. But that verse conveys a world of meaning.... (read more)
I Never Dreamed It Could Be This Good ...
They only dream of a life of purpose, glory, and immortality. ... (read more)
"I know a little boy who is dying today." Those words written by a Hospice chaplain in Northwest Arkansas got my attention.... (read more)
Save Your Fork!
There's an old story about an elderly woman who was told by her physician that she probably wouldn't live too much longer. Soon thereafter, she called in her family to discuss her funeral arrangements.... (read more)
They Don't Know Me at My Gym...
Jesus intends for his followers to live in community: to help each other, to hold each other accountable, to encourage each other, and to be family.... (read more)
Throwing Stones
They dragged the woman to the temple. Caught in the very act of adultery! Her cries for mercy went unheeded.... (read more)
Great Smokey Mountains and Tourists
most of us will choose to live as tourists in a society absent of those emotions, never looking up to see that there is a different life to choose. ... (read more)
What For?
This time of year brings the beginning of the school year here in the U.S. It always reminds me of a story I heard from Stanley Shipp, a man who worked with Herald of Truth, where I now work.... (read more)
I Thought I Was Right
Being mistaken about God is not a decision without real consequences.... (read more)
Social Networking
If you're much of an Internet user, you've probably become acquainted with what are called social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter.... (read more)
Real Family
So here is the point: when my family needed help and care, our Christian family was there for us.... (read more)
Come, Follow Me
They were fishermen, men who worked the Lake of Galilee in northern Israel. The lake was full of fish, and a man could make a good living working there, especially if he knew what he was doing.... (read more)
Are You Ready to Die?
So the decision to be baptized into Jesus is not an act you do. It is not a step you take. It is not a doctrine you believe. It is a death you die. ... (read more)
The Andrew Factor
It doesn't say if he ran or how far he went or whether he was out of breath when he got there. It does say, "The first thing he did" was find his brother. ... (read more)
Aches and Pains
My back hurts today. A reminder of yard work done a few days ago. My left heel hurts, the result of a heel spur that has developed over time.... (read more)
What Ever Happened to that Country?
Countries just do not last. They never have ... and evidently they never will.... (read more)
System Maintenance
My computer has a folder of Temporary Items. It's full of data that was once needed, but isn't currently necessary.... (read more)
Red Light, Green Light
I am wise to pay attention to the "life signals" given me by my Creator. ... (read more)
When Life Tumbles In
Dr. Arthur John Gossip was a minister who had preached many sermons, but none like this one. The day before, his wife had collapsed and died suddenly.... (read more)
It's Personal
Maybe it’s a symptom of age. Maybe the experiences of accumulated years have magnified sensitivity.... (read more)
Am I Lucky ... Or What?
Everyone operates with a world view that enables them to "make sense" of what happens in this world. Some believe in luck; others call it fate. I believe in God. ... (read more)
Did I Get Everything Right?
I don't like paying taxes. I especially don't like the whole process of filing taxes here in the United States.... (read more)
Another Epidemic
I trust God more than science, money, or luck. ... (read more)
Giving What Can't Be Kept
Jim Eliot had decided to go to Ecuador, seeking to take God's good news to indigenous tribes who had never heard of Jesus Christ.... (read more)
Just Watch the Ball
Just focus on Jesus and everything else will begin to make sense.... (read more)
Blessings Through Brokenness
As the shadows lengthened and the sun began to hide itself behind the distant edges of the lake, the crowd lingered on its shore.... (read more)
Preaching Your Own Funeral
Someday, when we're gone, somebody is going to have to stand up and say a few words about our lives. When they stand up to talk about us, will it be an easy task or a hard one?... (read more)
It Is Not News
My faith does not depend on what scientists decide. ... (read more)
A Churchy Word
here are some words that I consider to be "churchy" words. They are words that religious people use that rarely come up in other settings: sanctification, atonement, grace, evangelism, gospel. Sometimes even Christians don't have a good grasp on what such... (read more)
Big Fish and Lost Worms
He sent his Son Jesus into the hard place to find me. ... (read more)
When I was a kid, I hated splinters. Not that I enjoy them now, but I really hated them then.... (read more)
Promoted to Heaven
Promotion Sunday is an annual tradition in most of our congregations, usually taking place in the fall but occasionally at another time of the year. Somewhere around middle school you don't get promoted anymore, you just go to your age appropriate Sunday ... (read more)
Eye Exams
The purpose of the Bible is not to just get the answers right; it is to help me see God.... (read more)
Taste Test
I like to try new foods. When I travel to another country, I'm always interested in sampling the local fare.... (read more)
Wrong Names
Television programming, psychological theory, folk lore, literature, art, and many other things in our culture reflect the words of God.... (read more)
Cries in the Dark
The cries were faint, barely audible in the early morning air. There was no air conditioning in our cabin at the youth camp, so we had all the windows open. One of my friends heard the sound about the same time that I did. We bounded out of bed, threw on ... (read more)
Try It On First
It is prudent for the non Christian to spend some time “shopping” for Jesus. Examine what he said, study how he lived, spend time around his followers. Find out if Jesus really does give hope, peace, joy, and purpose to life. ... (read more)
Enough Is Enough
Have you ever wondered how he can stand it? Isn't there some point when He says "Enough is enough"? ... (read more)
Just a Second
December 31, 2008 was a long day. It was one second longer than every other day of the year.... (read more)

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