We were a thousand miles from home at a conference when we got the call. Our granddaughter had fallen off the back of the couch and was at the hospital. They had already diagnosed her with a severe concussion, but were running more tests. We could not even get a plane flight out until the next morning. We wanted to be there for our kids. We needed support ourselves. We had to do something. So here is what happened.

Team members from the ministry I work for gathered to pray for her. A local pastor was standing nearby, heard what had happened, and prayed with us. We had gone to have lunch with a preacher friend and his wife. They prayed for her, for us, and continued to check up on her by phone. A lady we did not know overheard my wife on the phone, introduced herself as a Christian, and prayed and cried with my wife.

We made two phone calls to members of our church back home. We left a message with the first couple. They thought it indicated that our children and granddaughter were out of town with us, and they were prepared to fly up and be with us. We talked to the other couple and within an hour they were at the hospital praying and being with our kids.

Even the Doctor reading the test results was a member of our church.

So here is the point: when my family needed help and care, our Christian family was there for us. We all worship together. We are all believers. We are all family. And I could have called any number of others who would have done the same. As we would — and have — for them. This is not unique to my church family. I know of communities of believers all over the world that would have reacted the same way.

Our granddaughter is fine now. But I have to wonder, what in the world do people do without community like we have? Christianity is not just about the life to come. It is also about relationship here.

Christianity is also about having relationships with people who will be there for you.
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