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Holy, Please Hold the Adventure
Our church has a precious tradition on "Senior Sunday." On the day that we honor our graduating high school seniors, we also commission our... (read more)
Gifts of the Heart
My mother was a sixth grade teacher and every year for Christmas she would come home from school with at... (read more)
Ouch! You're Stepping on My Toes
I looked up these verses in James 4 to laugh at myself about my week that, by Friday, did not AT ALL look like I thought it would... (read more)

Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

Dealing with Stress with Thanksgiving
Years ago, my husband and I were going through financial problems, and I was distraught with worry. Then I read Paul's clear... (read more)
The Cost of our Tickets
In front of me on my desk, I am looking at two different tickets — two ticket stubs actually, from two different events that I attended... (read more)
Crazy Things Keep Happening to Me
Crazy things happen to me. I don't know why they do, they just do. For instance, about two weeks ago I was driving down the road... (read more)
Tears and Laughter
If you've been under a rock for the last 4 months, or maybe just been doing something more important like alphabetizing your spices... (read more)
Weed, Water, and Share!
Sometimes, the Lord keeps repeating a message in our lives that he really wants us to hear! I recently heard a minister discussing how... (read more)
The Lord Has a Will
An advertisement recently reminded me how important is it to make a will. The advertisement mentioned some quite dire effects... (read more)
Love or Legalism
While traveling over the July holidays this summer, we visited a local church in the area. I don't remember... (read more)
I wore dresses, or skirts and blouses, every day to school. That was the rule. When my children attended... (read more)
The Missing Bible
I opened the catalogue that is posted to me every few weeks and was mesmerised by the array of different... (read more)
Reminder in the Storm
Lightening flashed across the landscape, lighting up the hills and penetrating the valleys. Thunder roared... (read more)
I had been shopping and had bought some hair conditioner. I am fairly fussy about the sort of conditioner... (read more)
The Master Gardener
I have a very Darwinian view of yardwork: it's survival of the fittest from the moment any plant... (read more)
The Art of Listening
One day I was busy cleaning and folding laundry. The phone kept ringing and my list of things to do kept... (read more)
Game Over
The rules of the comparison game sound a little extreme to you? Are you thinking, "I would never play... (read more)
Father of Lies
He's called the father of lies by the Son of the Most Holy. Lies are his entire modus operandi — his very native... (read more)
Waiting in Line
Remember those days in elementary school when we first learned to wait in line? We had to line up to go to... (read more)
When I Can't, He Can!
For the past year I have worked with a program that was specifically developed to help teenagers in danger... (read more)
The Bookmark
In the huge scheme of things, bookmarks do not play a very important role. They are fairly incidental... (read more)
The Button Box
There were three constants in Grandma's house when I was a child. I could always count on Grandpa sitting... (read more)
Country Chicken
I have just spent the last few days at a friend's ranch in the Hill Country. It's about 450 acres of gorgeous... (read more)
Women & Prayer: Power Outage
Despite the best intentions, women who care about meeting the needs of others frequently find themselves... (read more)
Dared to Hope
We paused to visit a tiny railway station that used to be a busy place on the southern line. It was... (read more)
Letters from My Sisters
"Would anyone like more coffee?" Our gracious host for the evening asked as we sat around the dining room, quite contented... (read more)

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