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2003 Special Features:

I've Not Been "This Way" Before, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill
      What does your calendar for next year look like?

Did We Miss It Again?, by Tom Norvell
      Did we miss our chance to make a difference?

Heaven Torn Open, by Patrick D. Odum
      Can we hope for the prophet's vision coming true?

Bethlehem, by Melva Cooper
      Come on and let's go!

The World's Ugliest Christmas Tree, by Joseph Mazzella
      Have you seen the world's ugliest Christmas tree?

In Honor of the Lord, by Rubel Shelly
      What ever happened to Merry Christmas?

Our Small Town Parade, by Kelly Breece
      Will it all end in a parade?

Mom, by Joseph Mazzella
      Are you making the most of your moments?

Bless You, by Rubel Shelly
      Being a joyful person with friends is a great blessing indeed!

Warfare, by Mike Barres
      Are you putting off a confrontation with the enemy?

Where I Am Going, by Kathy Bailey
      Can you face the prospect of really bad news and tough times with faith?

Pixelated Perfection, by Rubel Shelly
      Is there someone out there who is really digitally perfect?

Do the Right Thing?, by Russ Lawson
      Does peer pressure have you doing the wrong thing?

Thermostat or Thermometer?, by Mike Barres
      Are you a situation complainer or an environment changer?

Our True Citizenship, by Patrick D. Odum
      We're only strangers here; our homeland is in heaven!

Eaten Away from the Inside, by Bruce Wadd
      Don't let him eat away at your life!

Haunting Words, by Tom Norvell
      Grace for the times an eraser can't undo what we say.

Be Still and Give Thanks to God, by Kelly Breece
      Can we be still and give thanks in our times of chaos?

How Are You "Spending" Your Life?, by Rubel Shelly
      How are you spending the capital of your moments?

Times are Changing, by Tom Norvell
      So you think you have it figured out? It's going to change!

Friendship, by Russ Lawson
      Is Jesus your friend?

Bent on Self-Destruction, by Rubel Shelly
      What do we do with folks bent on destroying themselves?

Getting Even, by Russ Lawson
      Are you really sure you can get even?

The Gospel According to Radio, by David Smith
      Have you seen the Gospel demonstrated lately?

Honor the Dead by Helping the Living, by Jan Price
      How can we honor those who have meant so much to us in the past?

What's In a Name?, by Patrick D. Odum
      What name do you go by?

Before the Snow Flies, by Rubel Shelly
      Do you need engineers to show you how to make a snowman?

A Heart-Stopping Experience, by Lou Seckler
      Are you caught on the tracks and the train is coming?

Doing the Right Thing, by Russ Lawson
      It sure is hard doing the right thing.

Margin, Anyone?, by Paul Lee
      The harder we work, the behinder we get.

The Art of Rationalizing, by Rubel Shelly
      Who are you blaming for your sin?

Learning To Be Content, by Tom Norvell
      Have you found it yet?

Give God Your Best and Don't Look Back, by David Smith
      Give God your best gift; not sacrifice, but mercy!

Always Preparing, by Tom Norvell
      Sooner or later, it's time to end the preparation!

This Loss of Dreams, by Patrick D. Odum
      What a great disappointment to have to wait!

True Love is Blind, by Russ Lawson
      How can God be blind to our sin?

Dig Deeper Where You Are, by Rubel Shelly
      Do you know where your buried treasure is hidden?

That's My Story, by Michael Harbour
      What story are you telling each day of your life?

Don't Be a Diamond in the Darkness, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Let Him fill you with light.

Department or Attitude?, by Rubel Shelly
      Did you hear the one about the fellow who walked into First Suburban Church wearing an expensive suit and a baseball cap?

I Can't Wait, by Tom Norvell

Downsizing My Vocabulary, by Lynette Carnahan Gray

Forgiveness is a Bold Choice, by Joseph Sica
      We've got to let it go.

Imperfectly Imperfect, by Elizabeth Price
      We're all damaged goods.

Extreme Christian Makeover, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Make everything new.

Missing His Blessings, by Tom Norvell
      What are we missing?

It's Here to Stay, by Rubel Shelly
      Change is always with us.

Thanks, Mom, by Kit B. Smith
      An important lesson for games, and for life.

A Bit Like Bailey?, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill
      What are we expecting?

Through My Brother's Eyes, by Jessica Mullican
      It's a fresh perspective.

Oops!, by Rubel Shelly
      Mistakes will happen.

Responding to the Responsive, by David Smith
      Jesus opened eyes.

Beside the Still Waters, by Tom Norvell
      Lead me beside them...

Do You Want To Be Liked?, by David Smith
      We're all looking for someone to like us.

Yesterday's Weather, by Tom Norvell
      What does it really matter? Move on!

My Most Memorable Moment, by Rubel Shelly
      It's not always what you would expect.

Character - The Inside Story, by Mike Barres
      Who are you really?

What an Awesome Principle, by Teresa Billingsley
      A very interesting question!

A Test of Talent, by Elizabeth Price
      Bless you for your talents!

The Invisible Barrier, by Mike Barres
      Get past it.

God Doesn't Make Trash, by Lou Seckler
      Everyone has value.

Life in the Rearview Mirror, by Rubel Shelly
      Keep looking ahead.

When Should I Help?, by Steve Higginbotham
      Everyone? No one? Who?

Family, by Tom Norvell
      May God bless your family.

The Children of God, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Do we really accept it?

Picking Up Butch, by Rubel Shelly
      A wonderful tradition that teaches...

Rocket, by Melva Cooper
      The love of a girl and her puppy...

Reasoning with the Unreasonable, by David Smith
      Why do we act so insane at times?

I Need a Shepherd, by Tom Norvell
      For so many reasons...

Messages Across Time, by Rubel Shelly

Trials and Temptations, by Mike Barres
      We can make it through.

Did You See Jesus on the Shore?, by Tom Norvell
      He's there.

How Close to Rose Lake Are You?, by Darrell Tucker
      Sin is enticing, yet ultimately it will ruin us!

Is it Time to Make a New Breath?, by Melva Cooper
      You can only go so far.

Is There a Diamond In You?, by Dr. Bill Denton
      "I'm just an old lump of coal, but I'm gonna be a diamond someday!"

A Thorough Search, by Mark Waltenbaugh
      Be careful what you ask for.

We Touched Him, by Randal Matheny
      He's real.

A Clean Heart, by Tom Norvell
      Create in me a clean heart...

The Light Within, by Joseph Mazzella
      Let your light shine.

What's the More Important Blessing for You?, by David Smith
      Which do you need more?

Directional Slippage, by Bruce Wadd

Una Moneda Senor?, by Glen Henton
      Can you spare it?

God's Love, by Joseph Mazzella
      It's addicting!

Influencing Others, by Teresa Bell Kindred

Staying on Track, by Lou Seckler
      Keep at it to the end.

Life After the Storm, by Joseph Mazzella
      Remain in Him.

Jogging in the Rain, by John Leach
      It's refreshing!

Who's First, by Teresa Billingsley
      The last shall be first.

Involved With the Invisible, by David Smith

Breakfast Epiphanies, by David Anderson
      Make it better.

Use It Or Lose It, by Rubel Shelly
      Exercise your brain and your spirit.

Serving the Unservable, by David Smith

A Father's Love, by Rachel Anne Murphy
      Healing the pain.

Hair-Colored Speech, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Speak the truth in love.

Seeing Things Through God's Eyes, by Rubel Shelly
      Get a God perspective.

Hold Fast the Summer, Father!, by Lou Seckler
      It goes so quickly...

Let Us Treasure Our Mona Lisas, by Harry Gipson
      It's a beautiful thing...

The Real Artist, by Trudy Lechner
      We are in the hands of a Master.

Walking in the Shadows, by Tom Norvell
      Even out of the limelight, your life matters.

Be a Blessing, by Joseph Mazzella
      Make the world a better place.

Enduring Pain, by Mike Barres
      It will come.

Criticized for Doing Good, by Alan Smith
      Don't let that stop you!

Warning! A Temporary Blindness Alert Has Been Issued!, by David Smith
      From the news...

When Law Reigns, by Rubel Shelly
      Law is law; thank God for grace.

Born Over, by Mike Ellis
      Call for a do-over!

The Bear Facts, by Marsha Jordan
      Our appetites can hurt us.

Humility and Teamwork, by Rubel Shelly
      David Robinson is quite an example of both.

Never Too Old, by Joseph Mazzella
      It is never too late.

Don't Fence Me In, by Steve Higginbotham
      It's meant to protect us.

Filled with Laughter, by Tom Norvell
      It's great medicine.

More Than We Ask or Imagine, by Alan Smith
      What do you wish for?

The Cross or the Clock, by Lou Seckler
      Which rules your life?

Greeting Life's Changing Seasons, by Mike Barres
      Enjoy the season, whatever it is.

Quack (Quack), by Paul Lee
      Find the words that are trustworthy and true.

Living For What Matters, by Rubel Shelly
      Don't major in minors.

Disciples Build On What They Hear, by David Smith
      How can they believe if they have not heard?

Disciples Have Found the Way Home, by David Smith
      Take the safer way.

Gifts From the Soul, by Joseph Mazzella

Another Step, by Tom Norvell
      Step by step, they grow up.

What Could They Mean?, by Rubel Shelly
      Mysterious, powerful words from Jesus...

Wrong Turns and Right Directions, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      The right way is the One Way.

Zeal Without Knowledge, by Alan Smith
      Get it right.

David and Goliath, by Harry Gipson
      Get out there and fight for His glory.

Fall in Spring, by Paul Lee
      He works everything together. Trust it.

Surrender, by Mike Barres
      We give up.

Man Bites Dog!, by Rubel Shelly
      Turn life upside-down.

Tough Choices, by Paul Lee
      Non or for? In or inter?

When Mama Is Near, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill
      We all need someone to care for us.

She Was a Star... To Me, by Benny Baker
      Moms have a special place in our hearts, even when they are gone.

Let the Rain Fall, by Bruce W. Durbin
      Thanks Mom, for the protection.

Easy to Love?, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill
      Not everyone is as easy to love as a toddler.

Guarding Your Spirit, by Mark Waltenbaugh
      Keep it precious.

The Real World, by Paul Lee
      Are we living in the real world?

I Didn't Realize I Was Moving, by Tom Norvell
      Change can be hard to spot, and hard to stop, as well.

Failure: The Line of Least Persistence, by Harry Gibson
      Keep at it.

A Time to Move Furniture, by Janice Price

The Bond of Adversity, by Rubel Shelly
      Pain pulls people together.

Life or Death, by John Leach
      Who's leading your parade?

He Is Not Here!, by Lou Seckler
      We serve a living Savior...

Jesus is Lord!, by Jim McGuiggan
      The Spirit promotes Jesus, not Himself.

A Hart to Hart Talk, by Paul Lee
      Can't we see the truth?

Psychological Warfare, by Larry Zinck
      Sin calls out to us...

I Want to Serve, by Melva Cooper
      Lord, make me a servant...

Another Hill, by Johnnie Ann Gaskill
      God helps us climb any hill.

He Was a Stranger, by Alan Smith
      Help and hospitality were what He meant.

A Forty-Foot Sign From God, by Danny Sims
      Let's not put words into God's mouth.

Light of the Soul, by Paul Lee
      Jesus - the Light of life.

A Bad Day?, by Tom Norvell
      Get some perspective.

Fratricide, by Rubel Shelly
      Brother should never kill brother.

When the Storm Comes and the Heat is On, by Harry Gipson
      God is our perfect shelter.

Talking with Children About War, Terrorism, and the News, by Vicki Straughan
      What do you say? How much should they see? Here's help for parents...

Led by the Spirit, by Jim McGuiggan
      Where He leads, we should follow.

You're Dead, by Kim Martin
      The power of Jesus defeats any foe...

Keep Us Clean, Lord, by Melva Cooper
      He makes us spotless.

The Next Shot, by Tom Norvell
      You have another chance. Take it.

No One Wants To Be Alone, by Marilyn Sue Moore
      We need people.

Let Him Love You, by Johnnie Ann Gaskill
      God loves you. Let Him.

Mother Nature?, by Steve Higginbotham
      Why does Mother Nature get the credit for what God does?

Seeds or Trees?, by Joseph Mazzella
      We can't see our own potential.

Jimmy, by Tom Norvell
      There is always hope in Jesus.

Being Ready, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      Don't be afraid - be ready.

Friends and Friendship, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Call on a friend...

Help or Honking?, by Steve Higginbotham
      Are you being helpful?

Getting Into the Flow of Life, by Rubel Shelly
      Where can we find true happiness?

Something Better Than Special Effects, by Dr. Bill Denton
      Jesus offers something better than an escape from reality.

Difficult Times, by Tom Norvell
      These are tough times, in more ways than one.

Do I Really Want To Do This?, by Larry Zinck
      Are you sure? Think twice.

Are You a Failure?, by Rubel Shelly
      You may fail, but you're not a failure.

Teachers of Love, by Joseph Mazzella
      Can you be a teacher, too?

Disposing of Live Grenades, by Rubel Shelly
      You can't take live ammunition for granted.

The Value of a Human Life, by Tom Norvell
      What are we thinking? Are we thinking?

The Weathered Old Barn, by Anonymous
      The beauty is hard to see sometimes, but it's there.

After the Game, by Dr. Bill Denton
      ...the king and the pawn go into the same box.

He Has the Words, by Tom Norvell
      When we can't find the words, He still hears.

Coincidence or Miracle?, by Joseph Mazzella

From Bad to Worse, by Rubel Shelly
      In our arrogance and/or stupidity, we often make things worse.

Success at All Costs, by Alan Smith
      We make some pretty rotten decisions in the pursuit of success.

Who Sets Your Mold?, by Leslie McArthur
      Mold me, make me after thy will...

I Just Want to Go Home, by Tom Norvell
      There's no place I'd rather be...

A Word of Encouragement, by Gary Holloway
      Hebrews has a great deal to say to us.

Guardian Angels on Call, by Rubel Shelly
      What does an angel really look like?

No Second Priority, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      There is only one priority worth mentioning.

The Laugh Heard 'Round the World, by Rubel Shelly
      Have you heard the one about...

The Spirit and Center Stage, by Jim McGuiggan
      He always points to Jesus.

A New Me, by Dr. Jeff Lee
      We don't need a cosmetic makeover, we need a spiritual transformation.

Not From a Worldly Point of View, by Tom Norvell
      We could see things in a whole new way.

These Aren't My Boots, by Alan Smith
      Ultimately, none of this is ours.

Character Comes Through, by Rubel Shelly
      You can't hide your character.

Resolutions for Life in 2003, by Michael Harbour
      Some stuff to think about for the New Year...

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