What Jesus Did! 'The Humiliation Begins in Earnest' — Mark 15:16-19

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pilate's soldiers brought Jesus into the governor's palace (called the Praetorium). They called all the other soldiers together. The soldiers put a purple robe on Jesus. Then they used thorny weeds to make a crown. They put the crown of thorns on Jesus' head. Then they called to Jesus. They said, "Hello, king of the Jews!" The soldiers hit Jesus on the head many times with a stick. They also spit on him. Then {they teased Jesus by} bowing on their knees and worshiping him.
— Mark 15:16-19 NLT
Illustration of Mark 15:16-19 NLT — "Hello, king of the Jews!"

Key Thought

The purpose of crucifixion wasn't just to kill a criminal. It was also to serve as a deterrent to crime by utterly humiliating the person who was to be crucified. So once Pilate signals that Jesus will be crucified, the humiliation begins in earnest. Not only will Jesus be killed on a cross, he will be humiliated every step of the way. He had warned his closest followers that this would happen. He knows what is coming. He faces it because it is God's will and the basis of our salvation. How can we not be willing to face embarrassment, ridicule, and even persecution for him?

Today's Prayer

O Father, help me to never be ashamed of Jesus. After what he endured for me, I want to faithfully stand by him and to courageously stand up for him. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and with genuine courage to honor you and your Son, no matter the cost. In Jesus' name I ask this. Amen.

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