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Mountain on Your Right

Are you really trying to please God or yourself?

Rather than following the whims of culture, let's obey God's word.

A Word to the Wise

Are your words few?

We shouldn't need many words to hear or to speak.

A Mom Takes Her Stand

What's a mom to do?

A mom reminds us how to use a gentle answer to deal with a difficult problem.

Why all the Rules?

Do we really need rules?

God's word is given to us to be a blessing and to give us a happy life.

Not My Problem

When does the trip to the dentist bother you?

We need to let the word of God speak to us and not worry about applying it to everyone else.

Seeing or Believing

What comes first, seeing or believing?

Some things we have to believe before we can see them!

The Visible Difference

How can we see more stars in the sky?

When we truly focus on God's word, it can come to life for us just like we can see the stars after our eyes get used to the darkness.

A Look in the Mirror

Looked in the mirror lately?

A mirror helps us see what we need to correct; God's word is that mirror for our spiritual behavior.

Too Many Words

Fearful words for any preacher to hear!

We must guard against using too many words!

God's Word is Not Dead

Is the Word of God alive in your life?

We need to be more diligent in reading the Word of God.

Loving God's Word

Do you truly love God's Word?

If we truly love God's Word, then we are going to let it be the crucial part of our lives each day by scheduling time to listen to and read from the Bible.

Be Polite to All People

Whatever happened to plain ol' Christian courtesy?

As Christians, we must learn to be polite people, even though politeness and courtesy is disappearing in our modern society.