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Peace Like a River

Horatio Spafford knew about the storms of life

The story of Horatio Spafford and his great hymn "When Peace Like a River" still inspires and encourages all of us who suffer.

Woman Behold Your Son

What's a mom supposed to do in a time like this?

Sarah Stirman shares insight stirred by her son's second injury to his ankle and it reminds her of Mary's sacrifice at the cross.

The Gain is Worth the Pain

What do you do when you hit a bump in the road?

God’s plan for us is not to eliminate suffering in our lives, but to teach us to look past it.

Even if It Means a Cross

Do we really want the Cross to define us?

We want a Christianity without the Cross, a Savior without a Lord, and a Tinkerbelle Jesus, reprinted.

Jesus Is Everything

When are we going to let him into every area of our lives?

Phil Ware shares the values of his dad with his children and emphasizes to them how Jesus is everything.

God's Spirit Heals Suffering

Your suffering is only temporary.

In a world of suffering, God's Spirit offers Hope for Life.

The Bigger Picture

Can you see beyond the hard times you are now facing?

Alan Smith shares a Leith Anderson story about going to the only perfect World Series game and how he saw it as a disappointment because his team lost and then Alan compares this to our sometimes not seeing the big picture of what is really happening when

Even if It Means a Cross

Do we really only want the Cross to define us?

We want a Christianity without the Cross, a Savior without a Lord, and a Tinkerbelle Jesus.

In This World

Where can we find peace with what we are facing right now?

There is trouble in this world, it crashes in on us and we cannot ignore it, but we must remain focused on Jesus who has overcome the world.


Is there any other kind of Christian?

All Christians have the Holy Spirit and are spirit-filled so their lives must demonstrate this reality.

Willing to Die

How far would you go in your love and trust of the Lord?

Suffering and death for the cause of Christ are now viewed as something sad, unnecessary, and a wast.

Suing God

Would you take God to court?

A man sues God because he thinks he didn't get from God what he felt he deserved.


What gives us hope in the middle of crisis?

A funeral helps a couple of ministers understand more clearly the grace of God and the power of the human spirit.

A Little Rain Must Fall

How wet is it in your world?

Sometimes we face difficulties and trials, but the big challenge is bearing up under the weight of incessant trials, problems, difficulties.

Class Now in Session

Are you willing to join Jesus in the Garden?

Jesus faced the fight we all face in the garden of gethsemane so we should be willing to fight that same fight and not give up!

Suffering for the Lord

Are you willing to suffer if it spreads the Gospel?

We must be ready to suffer; our brothers and sisters all around the world are and have!

Pollyanna Piety

Is God really going to protect from us from every bad thing?

God never promised to protect us from every bad thing; he only promised to save us and turn every bad thing into a good one.

Touching Jesus

Have you ever touched Jesus? You've had a chance to touch him!

When we touch those in need and treat them with dignity, we are touching Jesus.