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Knowing What to Say

How do you know in tough circumstances exactly what to say?

Life can often leave us speechless, not knowing what to say, so what we must say is that we don't know anything other than that God is greater than we are.

Words and the Internet

How long will what you have written actually live?

Our language and speech lives on long after we do, and the Internet is a reminder of just how far and wide such things can go.


How is your speech like a lighted cigarette?

Heartlight's first article was about how we use our speech.

With the Help of Friends

What do you do when you can't do it alone.

We need to be accountable and get the support of friends.

A Word to the Wise

Are your words few?

We shouldn't need many words to hear or to speak.

Think Before You Speak

Have you ever engaged your mouth before your brain was in gear?

The answers from Family Fued remind us of how stupid the things we say can be if we don't think about them first!

Biting our Tongue?

Can you keep it in check?

We must watch our language for others and for God.

Too Many Words

Fearful words for any preacher to hear!

We must guard against using too many words!

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Can you resist the urge to speak when you shouldn't?

Sometimes we need to keep our mouths shut and not say a word!

O Be Careful Little ...

Who helps you with what you think?

We need to guard what we think in our minds and ask God to keep them pure.

With a Cherry on Top

What ever happened to kind, courteous, and respectful speech?

We need to put kind and courteous speech back into our lifestyle.