A King ordered his servant to buy the best food he could find so he could treat his guests. The servant bought a huge supply of tongues. Dish after dish was served, everyone containing tongues.

The king was very upset and scolded the servant saying: "I gave you direct instructions to buy the best food and all you bring is tongues?" To which the servant replies: "Sir, I have obeyed your orders. Is there anything better than tongue? Is not the tongue the bond of civil society, the organ of truth and reason, and the instrument of praise and adoration to God?"

The next day the King ordered his servant to buy the worst food he could find. The servant comes back with more tongues. "What is this, more tongues?" asks the King with indignation. The servant boldly explains: "Sir, the tongue is also the worst thing there is. It is the cause of strife and war, the inventor of lawsuits, and the source of division. It is the organ of errors, of lies, of slander and blasphemies."

Recently stiff fines and loss of points have been issued to racing car champions like Dale Earnhardt, Jr., for using profanity during interviews. These fines should remind athletes they are role models for impressionable children who watch them and that they should watch their language. Would it not be apropos to issue similar fines to some radio, TV, and movie personalities whose mouths are like open sewers?

Is your tongue under Jesus' control?
The Scriptures teach that some are double-tongued — they use their speech to worship God and outside of worship they curse their fellowmen. The same tongue that blesses God also curses human beings who are made in His likeness. James exhorts: "My brothers, this should not be." (James 3:10)

Is your tongue under Jesus' control? Jesus told us, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." (Matthew 12:34)