Articles Tagged 'Shoes'

Easter Clothes

What kind of clothes did Jesus wear that first Easter Sunday.

Rick Brown reminds us what is important about the clothes we wear on Easter and that Jesus appeared to Mary as a gardener.

The Fourth Quarter

So are you ready for the buzzer to sound?

Teresa Bell Kindred reminds us to use the fourth quarter wisely and finish strong.

I Think I Am ...

Is this something you are ready to admit?

Tom Norvell makes a wide open confession, he likes shoes and they help him realize that he is rich!

The Rub of New Shoes

How long will you wear yours?

A new pair of shoes helps Mike figure out why we need some traditions.

In Jesus' Shoes

Have you ever walked in his sandals?

Jesus wants us to share his compassion with others.

Dubious Distinction

What do you want to be know for doing in your life?

People are forming their ideas each day by what we do leaving our legacy.