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Glow in the Dark Spiders

Inevitably, the darkness will weigh on them, exhaust them, and feel altogether overwhelming to them. Then, they can come to the light to re-charge, but they can't glow in the light!

Jordan Harrell learned from her son's fascination with glow-in-the-dark spiders that we are made to shine in darkness, not sit under a light.

Let the Show... End!

Why is it so hard to do things quietly and without drawing attention to ourselves

Tom Norvell reminds us that true piety is about quiet, anonymous, kind acts of service and generosity for others done to honor God and not ourselves.

When Our Star first Began to Shine

It's Been up There a long, long Time!

Phil Ware writes about the Christmas star that actually began to shine many years before the Magi found it!

Let There Be Light!

Do you choose darkness or light?

God wants to place his light inside of us. He wants to make us shine brighter than the sun.

Oh You Light of Mine!

What can of light do you owe the world?

We all need to be a little more ready and intentional about letting our light shine before others, but we also know and willingly bear the consequences.

Do You Shine?

If someone were to see you, would you match with Jesus?

Christians should be recognizable because their behavior and conduct match that of Jesus.

Don't Be a Diamond in the Darkness

Let Him fill you with light.

Brothers and sisters, without Christ, we are diamonds in a dark room. We cannot shine and display all the wondrous beauty God made us to have without His light.