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Jesus, After Christmas Coming

Christmas isn't over; it has only just begun if we recognize that it is our job, together, to be Jesus to the world!

Phil Ware reminds us that Christmas isn't over, but now our role is to be Jesus' people, his presence, in our world.

Getting Ready

Are you ready?

We know that Jesus will come again. We have to get ready.

The Thief in the Night

Don't let the signs of the times scare you!

Many try to predict when Jesus will come back. The Bible says His coming will be a surprise. The main thing we need to do is be ready to greet Him, whenever that may be.

Save Your Fork!

Save your fork ... the best is yet to come!

As Christians, we have hope because of what we are waiting, or more importantly, whom we are waiting for.

Last Hour

Are you ready?

Patrick Odum challenges all of us to live as if it is our last hour on earth.

What Song Will They Sing?

What will they sing when you are gone?

We miss our loved ones when they die, but we can live in such a way to make sure that we see them again.

The Motivation of the Moment

Are you full of anticipation for this event?

We should live passionately expecting the Lord's return.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow ... ?

Is there anything good about being away from the one you love?

Being away from someone you love only makes you want to be with them more, but it hard and stinks!