Articles Tagged 'Running'

Run the Race

Are you running to win the victory?

Sin entangles and causes us to stumble and fall rather than running victoriously, whether the sin is our own or the sin of others against us.

My Old Watch

Is there still time?

We must use all the time we have and not waste it because we can make a difference in the time we are given.

Re-Thinking Election Strategy?

Can anything good come out of politics?

While we can get sickened by election rhetoric, sometimes good lessons can be learned from good men!

Ahead of My Time

When is running late being ahead of schedule?

Sometimes when we are running late, God gets our attention anyway and helps us make it to our destination on time.

With Jesus You Can Stay On Your Feet

Do disappointments and discouragement keep knocking you down?

I want to encourage you in the Lord to never, ever give up.