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Living Beyond the Formula

Jesus > You + X (all your dos) + Y (all your dont's)!

Jordan Harrell helps us understand what Jesus meant when what matters is in our hearts!

Is Anything Sacred?

Why do we try to change God's standards?

Max Lucado reminds us that God's holiness standards do not change and that we must not compromise on what we feel called to do.


Is God a party pooper?

My dogs just want to chase squirrels. What they don't realize is the danger that puts them in. They don't understand that the fence that seems restricting is actually something put there to protect them.

Rules for Building a Snowman?

So there are actually rules for this?

Rubel Shelly reminds us of the keys to following Jesus by pulling our leg about a bunch of rules for building a snowman.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Baseball is more than just a set of confusing rules. So is Christianity

Christianity is more than a set of rules no one can follow. It is about a relationship with Jesus.

But these Rules Don't Apply to Me

What do you do with the people who treat rules as if they are only suggestsions?

God created us and knows how we function best. Why do we think we know better?

Knowing Your Role in the Game of Life

What position are you trying to play in life's big game?

Rick Brown talks about teaching a Bulgarian friend how to play softball and it reminds him that many followers, disciples, of Jesus need to be given a job description.

My Printer Only Prints in Black and White

Is Christianity really just a matter of learning and following a bunch of rules?

Some people think Christianity is just about following rules written for a time that does not reflect our world today. Not so.

So What exactly Do I have to Do?

What do you have do every day if you become a Christian?

What would Jesus do? What would Jesus not do? Tell everyone about Jesus. These are the things that determine what Christians do in their daily life.

Trickle Down Parenting

How can I start the trickle down effect in my family?

Joe Beam shares the concept of trickle down parenting by demonstrating with a couple of parents of a baby and toddler.

The Big Deal that Shouldn't Have Been a Big Deal

So why does this standout so much today?

Rubel Shelly talks about a PGA event, calling a self-imposed penalty no one knew about, and losing a lot of money for his honesty.

Beyond the Call of Duty

What does it mean for a believer to be above the law?

Rubel Shelly talks about the difference between being a legalist and a good neighbor when one is above the law.

Beyond the Call of Duty

Are you above the law?

Rubel Shelly reminds us of another way to be like Jesus and be above the law in a good way.

God Never Stops Calling

Have you heard his voice?

Tammy Marcelain shares about her return home to God and how it was a walk with Jesus that did it.

Which Comes First?

We must help the world know what matters most, don't we?

We must realize that rules and deep thought are both necessary if we are to figure out how to live for God in a world like ours.

Sailors and Maps

Do we really know where we're headed?

There is a huge difference between rules and relationships!