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Building a Culture of Honor: Prayer

Prayer changes something much more important than our circumstances!

Phil Ware continues his series on building a culture of honor focusing this week on prayer, especially prayer as a redemptive tool of offering forgiveness and blessing to those who are our enemies and who mistreat us.


What do we do in the face of evil and meanness?

Phil Ware continues his series of messages related to "The Story" curriculum, using Abraham's call to be a blessing to be a reminder to us as well.

Multi-talented Mommy Ears

Does he really care about all this mess?

When bad things happen, we need to realize that God does see and care and will remember.

Broken by Sin?

What do we do with sinners?

We must be tough on sin but offer mercy and forgiveness for those who are truly repentant.

No Good Deed Left Unpunished

Why can't we see the good in kindness?

Unwillingness to receive a gift is sad: mean-ness, unkindness, and rejection are even worse, whether the gift is cookies or a cross.

Don't You Just Love It?

Will justice ever be served?

We enjoy seeing justice happen on earth because it happens so infrequently here.

Getting Even

What happens when you try to

When we try to get even for a past slight, it will nearly always come back to haunt us!

Revenge or Kindness

Is revenge really so satisfying?

Is it better to live with the philosophy of eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth or to practice forgiveness and kindness?