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The Greatest Miracle of All

What is the greatest blessing that we have in Christ?

While there are many miracles in the Bible, the greatest miracle of all is a changed life!

Way of God's Blessing

Have you turned to God's way of blessing?

God blesses us by giving us Jesus and also a holy lifestyle.

EPIC Conversion

Do we need to go back and re-think the modern conversion experience?

Let's see conversion more wholistically -- an experience of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection in baptism that involves repentance, and confession of Jesus as Lord, and acceptance of him as Lord and Christ.

Sheep and Cats

Can cats go astray?

We are like sheep, who go astray and need to be brought back; but in our pride we often act like cats and pretend we did nothing wrong.

Haunting Words

Grace for the times an eraser can't undo what we say.

We all say things we truly mean, but we prove ourselves unfaithful to our commitments and can't follow through with our promises; it's then that Jesus' words and Peter's reply become doubly important.