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Tenacious Persistence

Have you found the power of simply doing that right thing again and again?

Both God and satan use the principle of tenacity and persistence to shape and form things just like nature does, but how we use it is everything.

Don't Let the Wrapper Fool You!

Do you think most things are what they appear to be on the surface?

So many things appear nice and are harmful while many look awful and prove to be beneficial; we mustn't make snap judgments because God is at work in all of it.

The Big Picture

How well do you understand the whole situation?

We are often critical of others and can't understand God because we don't see the big picture of what is happening.

Soul Work is Slow Work

Are you willing to take the time to let God work on you?

Soul work takes tiem and in our instant society we must be patient and let God do his work on us.

Fading Dreams

What do you do when your dreams seem to be fading away?

When all seems lost, remember the Lord is still God and leads us in triumph.

Waiting in Line

How long would you wait?

While we end up having to wait for many things in our lives, this one thing that is worthy waiting for!

Wildlife Preserve

Have you been to a wildlife office preserve?

A lady bug helps refocus us and link us back to the beauty of God's creation and our need to be still and experience more and do less.

Morning Glory

Do you know some late bloomers?

Sometimes it takes some people many years to truly bloom, but we must be patient because when they do it is senstational!

Dealing with Stress

What is the key to surviving stress?

There are lots of sources of stress and impatience in our lives, but circumstances must not determine our attitude.

What a Week

What's good about the AC going out in summer?

Sometimes God's greatest blessings are seen when things don't go exactly like we like them.

Thermostat or Thermometer?

Are you a situation complainer or an environment changer?

We can be situation complainers -- thermostats -- or situation changers -- thermometers; Jesus' will, however, is that we be salt, light, and examples who display the fruit of the Spirit.

Doing the Right Thing

It sure is hard doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing is hard, but the retirement benefits make it worth the effort -- just ask Jesus!

This Loss of Dreams

What a great disappointment to have to wait!

To have to put off your wedding would be a great disappointment, but life is filled with disappointments -- that's why we need the hope we have in Jesus.