Have you ever thought how great things are often accomplished by small, but persistent effort?

I am fascinated by evidences of the power of persistence. What is the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed try, try again?" How few in modern society seem to follow that sage advice.

Tenacious persistence is one of the true secrets of success. Nature has always known that truth. A blade of grass will find its way though asphalt and a young tree will one day break the foundation of a concrete slab with its tender, but persistently growing root system.

Is it not fascinating to find a wind gnarled tree growing from the apparent bare face of a towering cliff? No hot house plant this seed. Lodged by wind or water, it swelled and burst open with life, holding on with all it had and feeding from the scraps of moisture which came its way. Tenaciously hanging on, it also prospered.

And then there is erosion. What mighty works of wonder it has made. Continents are shaped and mountains razed by water and by wind. Over time, freezing water can split giant boulders and the wind and rain will reduced them to fine dust.

All of this is either wonderful or disheartening, depending on what one needs. If ones home sits precariously on a precipice overhanging the ocean, erosion is not a happy thought. If the roots of your neighbor's favorite flowering tree has found its way beneath your patio, it brings concern. The truth is evident: persistent effort can be wonderful or destructive. We seek to teach our children the value of tenacious persistence by both word and example to prepare them for the conflict and challenge that life will bring. At the same time, we are frustrated by the repetition of such inquisitive phrases like, "Why, daddy?" and that most favorite question of all, "Are we there yet?"

The very power of constant exposure used in godly teaching is also the identical power used to sell Satan's wares to those same youth. So, what can we do?

We can learn the lessons from nature and have the wisdom to make positive use of them. Just as we prune or uproot destructive plants, or build barriers to deflect the constantly eroding waves, we can use wise defenses in the lives of both ourselves and our children. Blowing wind, driving rain and lashing seas are not more dangerous to our properties than the constant assault of media in our world today is to our minds. What we hear and see may not appear to have catastrophic effect today, but, like erosion, it is a persistent source of influence and will. Over time, these will have their definite impact.

Over time, these have their definite impact.
So let's use the power of tenacious persistence for good. At the same time, let's never doubt that the devil knows its strength also.

He [God] will give eternal life to those who persist in doing what is good, seeking after the glory and honor and immortality that God offers. (Romans 2:7 NLT, 1st Ed.)