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The Gift of Now

So what birthday are you celebrating next?

A grandchild celebrates birthday one and a grandmother celebrates birthday fifty and both rejoice in the gift of now.

Romantic Love

What can help me overcome the boredom in my relationships?

Romantic love will fail if it is not built on friendship.

Here Comes Santa Claus

When was the last time you played this part?

Getting a chance to play Santa Claus opens up a deep joy and a reminder that we need to be Jesus to those around us.

Every Leader Needs an Abishai

Whose got your back?

Every great leader needs someone who has his back, who will stand by him and defend him.


Won't it be such a great surprise party?

Going to heaven must be like arriving at your own surprise party and seeing all the people you love.

Home at Last

Not sure about pearly gates, but you can be sure of this!

While many images are used to describe Heaven, the absence of grief, pain, death, and suffering are the ones that connect best with me!

This Loss of Dreams

What a great disappointment to have to wait!

To have to put off your wedding would be a great disappointment, but life is filled with disappointments -- that's why we need the hope we have in Jesus.