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Teach Us to Pray Intro: Don't Just Do Something...

'I wish I had time just to sit around and pray,' my friend said. He walked away in a huff!

Phil Ware begins a series of messages built around the disciples' request to Jesus to teach them to pray with today focusing on our need to pray first.

Neglected Expeditions

What are we forgetting before we try our ultimate ascent?

Phil Ware reminds us that in a search for a new minister, especially a preacher or preaching minister, that we need to know our specific mission as a congregation.

The Ultimate Cop-out

How can you explain this away so nonchalantly?

A mother's lame explanation for child abuse makes us realize how easy and horrible it is to explain away our own responsibility.

What Will Happen ...

Will anybody intervene? Will I intervene?

We must learn to intervene to help children in our world.