Articles Tagged 'Moving'

A Choice

Do I really have a choice in my day?

Tom Norvell talks about the struggles of moving and the way people in customer service promise more than they can deliver.

Treadmill of Life

So are you ready to stay up on that exercise thing this year?

Teresa Bell Kindred talks honestly about the stuff of life, exercise, root canals, and other things.

Wiggling All Over

What in the world are you talking about wiggling and squirming?

Russ finds out about a grandbaby because of a sonogram and the baby is wiggling around all over the place and reminds us that life begins in the mind of God.


What goes way beyond new at being new?

Life comes in many packages, but something way beyond new is fresh, like a loaf of bread.

Controlling Change or Changing Control

What do you do when you can't control your life?

The world is changing and we lose control, but the real issue isn't controlling as it is yielding to the one in control.

The Cockatoo Run

What do birds have to do with it?

Change is hard, but God goes with us every step of the way.

Buried in My Old Attic?

Will this Christmas season be lost in things left behind?

Little things mean a great deal during the Christmas season. Let's not forget to do them.

Lady and Champ

Can letting go help us go on to greater things?

A move that left Kelly missing two neighbors and their pets left a hole in heart until she realized that God had filled her life with new friends and new pets.