Articles Tagged 'Lust'

Keep Singing the Song

As followers of Jesus, isn't it time the world heard what we are for when it comes to sexuality?

Phillip Morrison brings Sara Barton's writings into the moments of our headlines of today with a story from long ago that reminds us that God's word still has the ultimate love song.

Fifty Shades of Grace: Delight

So we are really supposed to delight in this?

Phil Ware continues his series of posts and articles called Fifty Shades of Grace and focuses on the gift of pleasure, delight, joy, fulfillment, and blessing in sexual intimacy for the Christian married couple.

Motel 6

When is a cup of coffee a whole lot more?

Thom Lemmons tells us a story that gets to the heart of danger in sexual temptation and lust and a need for a friend.

Men and the Struggle for Purity

How are you doing in your struggle to be pure?

Men have a real struggle to live pure lives, but a small group that holds us accountable and confession can help.

Inviting Darkness Home

Who would want to invite this mess home?

If we don't wall pornography off at the source in our lives, then we end up just inviting it home.

I Need More Stuff

How much is enough for you?

When do we have enough stuff and can we say no to acquiring more?

Sunk by Our Own Desires

What are you chasing that is destructive to you?

A self-destructive meal at a mud hole reminds us of how our own desires can blind us to the dangers of our own greed and lust for power.

Balancing a Tilting Boat

What can we do to restore sanity and balance in our sexually charged world?

Our world is out of balance in our sexually charged atmosphere and Christians aren't doing much to help, but we must!


How can I cluster my time effectively?

How do we cluster activities to allow us to focus our energies on doing God's will for our lives rather than spending all of our time in routine, daily, maintenance activities?

Learning to Be Content

Have you found it yet?

I haven't learned to be content because I'm always wishing for more, but I'm trying and haven't stopped!