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Be Still!

Can you actually be still?

God is calling us to be still, but he sometimes has to do radical things to get us to listen!

What We Listen To

Who you listening to?

Who and what we listen to is crucial if we are to stay on track and also drown out the voices that make us fear and doubt.

Open My Ears

Do you need Jesus' help to hear?

While many folks can hear, they often don't listen and refuse to hear the things they most need to hear.

Whose Advice Do You Seek?

Who do you listen to when it matters most?

Listen to the Lord, don't seek the advice of those who don't truly know the truth.

Are You Listening to Me?

Is anybody listening?

We need to learn to listen better if we ever hope to connect with other people.

Loving God's Word

Do you truly love God's Word?

If we truly love God's Word, then we are going to let it be the crucial part of our lives each day by scheduling time to listen to and read from the Bible.

Always Respectful

Can being respectful really save lives?

Marines in Iraq are learning to win people over by showing respect and courtesy rather than using their guns.

Are You Listening?

Are you listening to what is actually being said?

We get ourselves in so many problems because we do not genuinely listen to each other.

Once for Him, Once for Us!

Jesus is my beloved Son. What he says not only pleases me, but it is my fullest truth.

Phil Ware reminds us that God said almost exactly the same words to his Son twice, yet he spoke the first time to affirm his Son and the second time to let us know we must listen to the Son.