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ToGather: Beyond a Sagging Roof! (October 18, 2020)

We are broken vessels, saved by grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make a difference in our broken world with the grace that we have received.

Demetrius Collins & Phil Ware lead through worship in song, the Lord's Supper, a powerful message from God's word about not being lazy and neglectful of the opportunities God has given us to lead others to Jesus, along with a closing blessing for worship

The Rhythms of the Kingdom

In the ups and downs of church life, is it good to be on a plateau?

Tim Woodroof continues his series on change in the book of Acts and the changes facing the church today.


Why put off to next week that which can be put off till ...?

Procrastination costs us so very much because of the time we waste doing nothing and never completing things.

Seize Today

Why are you putting so much stuff off?

Procrastination nearly always makes things worse, so why do we put off so much stuff; and let's stop procrastinating and seize today!

How Lazy Can You Get?

Just how much of a slacker can a person be?

Don't put it off; our disease is often the disease of laziness!

Seeing But Not Seeing

What are you seeing in your walk with Christ?

God is calling us to more than just settling for the lax spirituality many of us find ourselves in.