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Sitting in the Hen House Doesn't Make You a Chicken

Just like sitting in the hen house does not make you a Christian, sitting in the church house does not make you a Christian.

Church is about so much more than just showing up. It is about being with God.

Health My Way

Is it possible to belong to Jesus without being part of a church?

Being serious about following Jesus means being involved with people that will help you accomplish that.

It's not an Odd Thing; It's a God Thing

Are the things going on in your life just random or are they God things?

Journaling allows us to see God's work, his fingerprints, his involvement in our lives.

You Know How it Feels

Do you really know how it feels?

If we have been through a hard time, we know how it feels and God can use us to comfort others.

It Was My Arm's Fault!

Can you just leave your arm behind?

We are the body of Christ and we can't all be the same and can't we leave anyone behind.