Articles Tagged 'Haiti'

Short-term or Long-term?

Will we stick in there or will we bail after a short bit?

Mike Barres stresses the importance of giving consistent, long-term care to help people overcome the mess they currently find themselves in.

Created to Do Good Works

Why do we have such a strong urge to do good?

Tom Norvell talks about our desire to go good and how strong it is and how we battle against the desire to do evil.

Act of God

Let's turn this phrase on its ear!

Rubel Shelly talks about the term act of God and turns the phrase around to be a call to action for God's people.

The God Who Sees and Cares

Are we ministering beyond the curse?

Patrick Odum writes about the devastation in Haiti and our response to it as a people of God who want to do the work of the Kingdom.