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The Secret of Contentment

How happy are you?

Contmentment can be learned and with it comes lasting happiness.

Seeing the Face of Jesus

Have you seen the Lord lately?

When Christians gather together for worship and fellowship, it is a holy moment.


Do you feel just a little above average?

God has always and will always use ordinary people to do his work!


How have you been conditioned?

So many of us have been conditioned to not see the call of the cross in our lives!

Finding the Presence of Christ

Where will we find Jesus in the middle of our messes?

We will find the presence of Jesus in our lives when we are willing to be his presence in the lives of others.

In Whose Image?

Into whose image are we trying to make new Christians conform?

So often we force new Christians into the mold of something or someone who isn't really Jesus.

Bargains and Hot House Christians

What are you expecting to get for your Christian commitment?

Are we only interested in bargain basement Christianity, or are we willing to pay the price to be productive.

What Is That Supposed to Be?

What in the world is that, anyway?

Sometimes we're like modern art: the artist has in mind what he wants, but no one else can tell what or who we are supposed to be.

And Yet ...

What do you still lack?

We're not there yet if we haven't become a Christian and we're just a good person.

Happy Birthday Heartlight!

It's been 8 years of Heartlight - time for a little celebration! celebrates its eighth birthday with a look back on some amazing events.

Have You Caught This Aroma?

What do you smell like?

God wants people to smell the aroma of Christ when they are around us!