Articles Tagged 'Abundant'

ToGather: Night Songs (August 21, 2022)

God wants us to live our lives to the full, inviting him to permeate each moment of each day, including our sleep time!

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in an online, worship through words and music using YouTube videos to invite God to permeate every moment of every day, including having our hearts tuned to God with night songs.

The Lord is Near: Shalom!

More than an absence of conflict, the Lord wants to give us life to the full!

Phil Ware finishes his six-part series on Paul's promises to the Philippians that the Lord is always near and God and the peace he brings will be with them.

Dandelions: Cheerful & Prolific

What in the world is a dandelion Christian?

Muriel Larson uses the dandelion to show us how we ought to live as Christians!

The Pale Galilean

Does the Christian life have to be boring?

Though Swinburne's characterization of Jesus as the pale Galilean is famous, it's also very wrong. Jesus brought a colorful, joy-filled life to this world.

Living Abundantly

Have you found it?

Tom Norvell talks about living life abundantly, with urgency, a recognition that life is short, and that we may only have the opportunity to do some things once.

I Never Dreamed It Could Be This Good ...

Life in Christ is better than you can imagine.

There is a life so much richer and fuller than most people can even imagine.

Friendship and the Abundant Life

Where can I find something more than more demands and more stuff?

Ron Rose shares some beautiful insights on friendship and the importance of a friend to living the abundant life.

What She Could

Are you trying to do too much or are you doing what you can?

Sometimes we try too hard and too much when we should simply be doing what we can.