Just for Women 2005 Archives

Holy, Please Hold the Adventure

Can we have the holy without the adventure?

We can't have the holy life without the adventure life because God uses the adventures to mold us and make us holy.

Gifts of the Heart

Are you giving from the heart?

Giving gifts at Christmas helps us understand and appreciate the importance of people in our lives.

Ouch! You're Stepping on My Toes

Does God ever use Scripture to step on your toes?

We make all these plans and get upset when they don't unfurl like we want, but God often has other plans!

Dealing with Stress with Thanksgiving

Do you really believe this is a stress reduction strategy?

We can find many reasons to give thanks even in difficult times.

The Cost of our Tickets

Who or what really is our God?

We show by our lifestyle and our choices if we really worship God or other gods.

Crazy Things Keep Happening to Me

Does crazy stuff happen to you?

Crazy things happen to all of us, but we can face them with joy because of God.

Tears and Laughter

How is being a mom like being a yo-you?

Motherhood brings with it the laughter and the tears of loving children.

Weed, Water, and Share!

How does your garden grow?

Sometimes we just need to clear the clutter out of our lives!

The Lord Has a Will

Did you know that the Lord

Jesus made us out a will of the things he wants us to inherit!

Love or Legalism

Which of the two do you choose to do?

Jesus chose people over practices and love over legalism.


What's in style in your neck of the woods?

Have we lost our focus by getting so upset over so many things that don't really matter?

The Missing Bible

Can you find your Bible in the list?

While there are many specialty Bibles, the Bible is really written for only one group of people: sinners.

Reminder in the Storm

How can you stand the fury of your storms?

A violent storm reminds us of our need for God and his holiness!


How have you been conditioned?

So many of us have been conditioned to not see the call of the cross in our lives!

The Master Gardener

What's growing in your personal flower beds?

God is the master gardener and works in our lives to get rid of what is dead and overgrown.

The Art of Listening

What is the most important thing you listen to each day?

One a mom's greatest responsibilities is to listen to her family, her children, and her God.

Game Over

When will it all stop?

The comparison game hurts us no matter what side of the game we play on.

Father of Lies

Whose voice do you listen to?

Satan is the Father of lies and tries to get us to believe his cruel and ugly lies.

Waiting in Line

How long would you wait?

While we end up having to wait for many things in our lives, this one thing that is worthy waiting for!

When I Can't, He Can!

What can't you do?

While we may think we can't make a difference in the lives of troubled teens, with God's help, we can.

The Bookmark

What good is a little bookmark?

Bookmarks are those little reminders that are hard to get rid of.

The Button Box

How will we be remembered?

It's not the big stuff that we remember from our grandparents, but the small wonderful things that they did to touch our lives.

Country Chicken

A Texas city slicker?

A trip to the cattle and the country rattles this city slicker loose from her busy ways enough to help her appreciate God in wonder.

Women & Prayer: Power Outage

Is it giving care or escaping from loneliness?

We cannot hide our loneliness behind being busy, but God also uses our busy times to bless others and heal us.

Dared to Hope

If only we would trust that the Lord can make us all grow!

We've got to believe that God can bring growth out of tough and impossible situations!