A Taste of Home 2004 Archives

A Lesson in Priorities

Would you have had the courage to make this right choice?

A coach's first responsibility is to coach his own son!

Home is Where ...

Who lives in your home?

We must not get too attached to home here on earth, it is just a temporary place and we are transients here.

To My Fellow Perfectionists

Irritated with that little mistake you made?

Trying to be a perfectionist is not only hard, but it is wrong for you.

The Push for Purple

When did soft-pedaling wrong answers become acceptable?

Sometimes we go overboard in trying not to correct, disappoint, or change someone.

A Penny Saved is a Lesson Learned

How can an old penny teach a life lesson?

Children seem to learn better from their mistakes than we as adults do, especially when it comes to sinful things.

Life is Not for Sissies

What's got you in a fix?

Life isn't easy; it's not for sissies, but for people who are determined to walk with Jesus.

Older than Dirt!

How old are you?

Aren't we glad Jesus has always been around even though we may be as old as dirt!

Call Tech Support

Called tech support lately?

Let's go to God with our problems!

It Hurts to Breathe

Have you ever hurt this badly?

Sometimes life hurts us so badly it feels like we can't breathe.

Everyone Loves a Lover

Why are some people just more loved than others?

People who love others tend to be the people everyone loves!

That Long Awaited Snowfall

What makes you afraid?

God is always there to see us through.