Special Features (Page 3) 2006 Archives

Religion at Traffic Lights

How is your worship in traffic?

Our Christianity has to accompany us everywhere, even traffic, or it doesn't go with us anywhere.

Simplicity and Prayer

Why do we make things so complex?

Prayer should be simple, just like Jesus taught it and not made unnecessarily complex.


Are you lucky or just blessed?

We don't like being passive, so we have a hard time recognizing that we have what we have because we are blessed.

So What's the Point of the Bible?

Do you really know why God gave us the Bible?

The Bible is given to us to help us know God and how to live for God, not to judge others.

A Broken Mug

What can we learn from a broken coffee cup?

A broken mug helps Tom Norvel remind himself of what is most important about life and ministry, that we are not through when we are damaged, but we must press on.

A Time for Every Purpose

What 15 is it in your life?

We must learn to use the time that we have to do enjoy the things of life and do the work of God.

A Lighthouse

Can you see the light from where you are?

Jesus is our lighthouse, the light in the darkness sent to guide us safely home.

Don't Forget to Vote

So who will win the election you're voting in today?

What we do is our vote and if we are disinterested, that vote shows up too, so let's vote with integrity each day.

Hearing God's Call to Financial Renewal

Are you ready to do what Jesus asks you to do with his money?

Financial peace and faithfulness is tied to being willing to follow Jesus and also honor the Kingdom in our disciplined and spontaneous giving.

Secrets of 'The Jesus Code'

Do you know the secrets they religious are trying to supress?

Jesus didn't intend to set up the religious mess we see, but instead build a life of relationships and concerned people.

Poison Ivy

Are you playing with poison?

Sin always hurts us and harms those we love, but Satan often delays our consequences so that we can get more and more involved in it and then he deeply wounds us and those we love.

Thanks for Helping, Mr. Brown

You mean there really are some benefits from The Da Vinci Code?

Dan Brown has given us the challenge to get back into the truth about history and be ready to defend the truth by first getting to know it.

Impact the World!

Want to change the world, then start here!

If you want to change the world, then start right where you are!


Is there any other kind of Christian?

All Christians have the Holy Spirit and are spirit-filled so their lives must demonstrate this reality.

Fruitcake of the Heart

So what are you doing holding on to that in your heart?

We hang on to so much unnecessary and unhelpful stuff that we need to let go and forgive.

God's Still, Small Voice

Can you hear God in the rush of your daily grind?

Not only must we be still and hear God, but he also longs to come to us in the busy rush of our daily lives.

Address Unknown?

Can we live like we know for sure?

God is at work in the ordinary and unimportant aspects of life as well as the extraordinary and debilitating aspects of life.

The Blessing of the Powerless

What blessing can there be in powerlessness?

Life is full of events that make us feel and actually be powerless, but that is exactly where God can work in our life the most.

Unremembered Friends

What if we actually treated everyone we meet as if they were friends?

What if we greeted everyone as if they were a long lost friend who we were glad to see?

Knowing What to Say

How do you know in tough circumstances exactly what to say?

Life can often leave us speechless, not knowing what to say, so what we must say is that we don't know anything other than that God is greater than we are.

Words and the Internet

How long will what you have written actually live?

Our language and speech lives on long after we do, and the Internet is a reminder of just how far and wide such things can go.

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Who are you blaming for your messes?

We've got to be honest about our weakness and inconsistency and quit trying to blame everything on someone or something else, including satan or the devil.

Lord, Teach Me To Pray!

Have you asked Him to help you with this important task?

If God answers prayers, why don't we pray more frequently?

What if We Can?

Is there any way to really reach the whole world?

Danny Sims, a friend and supporter of Heartlight reminds us that we can reach the whole world through Heartlight.

10 Years

Wow, where have the years really gone?

Heartlight has been around for ten years and Paul has played an indispensable part of it.