Special Features (Page 2) 1998 Archives

Seven Dollars and Forty-Three Cents

It wouldn’t have cost much, but it would have been worth a lot.

Bow Down Before Him

Humble yourself before the Lord.

The Dummies Guide to Spiritual Growth

I R a dummy... R u?

Do You Know The End of The Story?

When it comes down to the end, what is truly meaningful?

Where Are You God?

When it all seems to be going wrong, where is God?

Creating a Coloring Book

Here's a fun (and inexpensive) gift idea!

A Pocketful of S'ghetti

There is need, even in the midst of plenty.

Hey, You're On the Titanic!

This old world is sinking fast.

Gimme A Break

Sometimes we struggle with grace instead of sin.

Her Heart of Faith

A powerful story of a mother and her daughter.

Sex, Moral Values and Our Youth

How do we teach what is right? What do we do?

Which Kind Are You?

“There are two kinds of people: those that divide people into two kinds and those that don’t.”

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

"We interrupt this program..."

The Power to Choose Purity

You have a choice, but your choice has consequences.


Thoughts on the Westside Middle School shootings.

And Who is My Neighbor?

It’s time to re-ask that question.

On “Spending” a Life Well

Put it where it counts.

What Laser Art Taught Me About Jesus

Find three-dimensional Christianity.

What Happened to Truthfulness?

Let's recover it before it's gone forever!

The Me Degeneration

Don't let "you" fade away. Regenerate!

Can A Scientist be a Christian

The testimony of Johannes Kepler.

True Intimacy

What is it really?

Just Another Day in Palestine

Put yourself on his mat.

Paid in Full

He wipes the slate clean.

God Hates Spam

"Do you have something without so much Spam in it?"