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Going Home

Make your changes... now!

The Shepherd’s Eye View

I bring you good news!

This Family Tree Needs Some Pruning

Jesus didn't come from the “purest” of stock.

Are You Hungry?

Jesus offers satisfaction.

Welcome to the Real World

Get rid of the imaginary world.

Here’s A Thanksgiving Hooke

John Hooke gives us perspective.

What’s Your Hill to Climb?

We’ve all got challenges.

Mark’s Promise to Seekers

He who has ears, let him hear!

I Say Baloney!

Unable to relate? Hogwash!

God and the Powers

Where does true power come from?

The Scandal of the Cross!

Has it all become a little trite, a little cliché?

Who Is That Man?

Mark shows us a powerful Jesus.

Everything Looks Different From Down There

Beautiful, wide-eyed anticipation.

When Psalm 51 Becomes our Goal

Seek forgiveness...

You Stink, Ya Ugly Moose!

May we be a holy fragrance... like a moose!

The Power of the “Broken” and the “Unknown”

God sometimes uses the most unlikely people to do his work.

Spiritual “Destinesia”

Don’t forget where you are going!

Please Recycle

God’s ultimate recylcing program.

God Still Rescues

An inspiring story of persecution and deliverance in Sudan.

There's an Angel in the Corner of My Room

A touching song inspired by the true story of a precious little girl.

When the Red Light Goes On

Reflections and lessons learned from the Jonesboro, Arkansas shootings.

Home for Good

Someday we’ll settle down.

Godforsaken? Never!

He'll be with you.

Through His Eyes

He had the cure.

A Prayer for the Children

Touching, powerful prayer for the little ones.