It was early; very early before the starlight gave way to sunlight. They trudged along the path, shifting their bundles, prepared to do the work as the stench of rotting flesh would fill their noses and convulse their stomachs. They would become "unclean" by touching a dead body, but they owed him the honor of cleaning and preparing his body.

Then as they gazed at the place where his remains should have been they hear the words "He is risen!" Those words changed their lives, changed the world. The story is so important that all four Gospels tell it, albeit from different vantage points.

During the Easter season it is appropriate to focus on He is Risen for that gives humankind the promise that it too can live with God forever.

What is overlooked is what the people who hear He is Risen! did with that news.

Once the words were said, or the followers encountered the risen Jesus, they ran to tell others. Read the story in Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20. As you read you'll notice words like: great Joy, disbelief, frightened, fear, trembled, amazed, wept. Emotions that cross the spectrum of human expression describe the realization that Jesus lives. And they run to tell others.

In "church" there is talk about "sharing the Gospel", almost as an academic exercise. Yet, it wasn't an analytical exercise for those who first faced a risen Jesus, and maybe it shouldn't be for us.

The example is very clear. He is Risen! And we need to run and tell others.

The example is very clear. He is risen and we need to run and tell others.
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