What Jesus Did! 'Then They Remembered!' — Luke 24:1-8

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Very early Sunday morning, the women came to the tomb (grave) where Jesus' body was laid. They brought the sweet-smelling spices they had prepared. {A heavy stone had been put in the doorway to close the tomb.} But the women found that the stone was rolled away. They went in, but they did not find the Lord Jesus' body. The women did not understand this. While they were wondering about it, two men (angels) in shining clothes stood beside them. The women were very afraid; they bowed their heads down. The two men said to the women, "Why are you looking for a living person here? This is a place for dead people! Jesus is not here. He has risen from death! Do you remember what he said in Galilee? Jesus said that the Son of Man must be given to evil men, be killed on a cross, and rise from death on the third day." Then the women remembered the things that Jesus said.
— Luke 24:1-8 NLT
Illustration of Luke 24:1-8 NLT — "Why are you looking for a living person here?"

Key Thought

Don't you just love "the women" and their example of faithfulness? Their faithful commitment to the Lord enables them to discover God's incredible miracle with Jesus—they are the first to learn of his resurrection! However, the most powerful insight in this passage to me is the simple sentence at the end: "Then they remembered that he had said this." Jesus' resurrection changes everything. One of the most important areas of change, however, was in the memory of his most faithful disciples. After the resurrection, things Jesus had said in his ministry come flooding back into their minds with understanding, excitement, and conviction. Promises that seemed obscure are suddenly made clear. Prophetic words that seemed undiscoverable are uncovered and seen in their full glory. Their insight is to be our insight as well. All of Jesus' ministry, his healing and his teaching, can now be more fully understood on this side of the resurrection. As we conclude this year's journey through the Gospel of Luke, let's be reminded that Jesus' actions and words are validated and empowered by the resurrection.

Today's Prayer

Father, as I study your Son's life on earth, please never let me forget that he died for my sins and was raised back to life with power. Help me feel the conviction that his promises are true, his teaching is proven, and his service is worth my emulation because it is demonstrated to be the way of life. In Jesus' name I ask this. Amen.

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