The numbers are so high I really cannot comprehend them. Free agency in baseball is that time when certain players have the right to sign a contract with any team they desire. It becomes a bidding war among teams desperate to be more competitive. But it also one of the few times — maybe the only time — a ballplayer can secure his financial future. And not just his future, but his children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren can be financially secure. They can be set for life. You hear the same kind of language when businesses are sold. Setting your family up for the next two or three generations.

Are you even able to imagine those kinds of financial resources? Imagine the financial security your heirs would enjoy. What if you could do that in other areas? Take a vaccination that would prevent disease in your family for three generations into the future. What if you could shield them from emotional pain? Or how about setting them with a guaranteed academic degree? Or a guaranteed job for everyone in your family for the next four generations?

Of course, it does not work that way. Most of these are not possible. Even the financial security can be lost in one generation. But I do think there is one aspect of my family’s future that is possible to set up. I want my children, their children, and the generations to follow to be able to live forever. What an incredible legacy to set up their spiritual future and to know that it is possible for us all to live together with God someday! And here is the best part of this desire. I can start a spiritual heritage in my family right now. In fact, I have spiritually set up my family. You can too.

It starts with your decision to become a follower of Jesus. God sent Jesus to live among us and to die for our sins. Believe that and you have started your spiritual legacy for your descendants. Then teach your children. Read God’s Word with them, pray with them, worship together. Tell them of your conversion. Help them to make the decision to follow Jesus. Then they can do the same with their children, who will do the same with theirs. And on and on and on it goes. A spiritual heritage that lasts for generations.

Providing for my family's future starts with the decision to secure my future first.
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