I love to watch Little League baseball, and I really like to watch the little kids play. I enjoy watching when the batter hits it to the pitcher who lets it roll between his legs. Then the second baseman picks the ball up and throws it into right field. Now the batter is running to second. He runs to third while the outfielder is picking the ball up and dropping it a couple of times. Then when the ball is thrown into the dugout, the batter makes it all the way home. And that is when someone yells: “He hit a home run.” It was fun. It was exciting. It was a run scored. But it was not a home run. It was four errors. It was not even a hit. Calling it a home run does not change the facts. It does not make it true. Telling the batter he hit a home run may make him feel good, but it is still not right.

It reminds me of how some people talk about following Jesus.

There are some who do not know what the Bible says about following Jesus. They may believe that something is true when it is not. That is why it is important to know what God says about salvation, and not just what someone told them was right.

Some would even say if I feel good about things, then I must be right. “ God surely wants me to be happy, so whatever makes me happy will be approved by God.” So they end up expecting God’s approval based on what they believe.

It is better to find out what God expects you to do to be approved by Him. Then live accordingly. You will find lasting joy in His will.

God is the ultimate judge. He determines who lives with Him forever. He sent a Son to make that possible. He told the story of His love in a book we call the Bible. There are people living their lives based on that truth.

You do not make the rules about following Jesus. God does.
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