Christians believe in the power of prayer and can tell story after story of the ways God has done amazing things in response to our requests. But sometimes God does not answer the way we want. As Christians, we have loved ones die, we get sick, we lose jobs, and disaster strikes us. Those are the times non-Christians may question our faith. Does God exist? Does he love us?

Does he hear our prayer? Is he really all powerful?

If Christians are going to speak about our faith when God says yes to our prayers, it is appropriate that we speak about our faith when he does not say yes. So are some things Christians believe when things do not go as we prayed they would.

1. God is still God. God acts for his glory and to advance his kingdom. He does not have to explain himself to us, and even if he did we might not understand.

2. We still have faith. Even in pain, even when we do not understand, and even when our hearts are breaking… we cling to faith in our God.

3. We believe this life is not the final answer. We believe we will live with God forever after this world is no more. That is our reality.

4. God will make all things right. Death does not win. God will dry our tears. Satan is defeated.

I need a God in control, not a god I control.
So to our non-believing friends, we want you to know that God answers prayers. But please do not think our faith is dependent on God doing what we ask. We would never ask you to share a faith that believes we control God. We ask you to share a faith that believes God is in control no matter what. That is why we believe.

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