My wife and I shop for clothes differently. I head for the "sale" rack, see something I like, make a quick guess at the approximate right size, and take it home. She, on the other hand, would never leave the store without having tried on every single article of clothing that might have potential. She will not buy something just because it is cheap. Nor will she spend more than she thinks something is worth. It takes her much longer to buy clothes than it does me. Much longer. On the other hand, she never has to return anything and she is usually happy with what she bought. I sometimes have to return clothes that do not fit right, or I complain about the collar being too tight, or the sleeves being too short. I have bought shirts, packed them for a trip, and then did not like the way they felt when I wore them.

Trying on clothes reminds me of how some people make decisions about Jesus. They make a decision about Jesus like I shop for clothes: no thought, no examination, no evaluation, and no consideration of the true value. No wonder they sometimes end up unhappy with their decision. It is prudent for the non Christian to spend some time "shopping" for Jesus. Examine what he said, study how he lived, spend time around his followers. Find out if Jesus really does give hope, peace, joy, and purpose to life.

Consider the cost. Following Jesus is not cheap. It is not easy. You are the only one who can decide if the cost is worth it. Most people will decide it is not. When he came to this earth, most people rejected him. Some because they loved the riches of this life more, some because they loved the trappings and power of the religious status quo more, and others because they cared more for their current lifestyle. Yet others saw their deepest needs met in Jesus. They found in him the answer to the emptiness of their lives. He filled a hunger and thirst that they had never been able to quench.

Do some comparison shopping. What do other religions teach? How do they live? What value do they give in comparison to the cost of joining? What about life without Jesus? What are the benefits? What does it cost to choose life without Jesus? Look at the lives of those who do not believe Jesus? As a "sales clerk" for Jesus, I am excited to share what we have to offer. It is the best buy ever.

Following Jesus is the best "deal" I ever made. I cannot imagine life without him. In him I am loved, provided for, and valued. I live a life that has meaning and purpose. He helps me survive the bad times and has given me more good times that I ever could deserve or achieve on my own. I have a great life.

So feel free to check Jesus out for yourself. See if he is worth it. If I can help you learn more about him, write me at Or check out our blog at

Jesus is absolutely the best "deal" you will ever be offered.

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