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Yardsticks: How the hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us and Our Daughters

Have we turned our yardsticks into swords?

Ann Voskamp reminds women and their daughters about the dangers of comparison and how it belittles the work of God going on in each person we see.

Where Am I on the List?

We all want to know where we rank compared to everyone else. So what about God? Does he have a list?

The problem with making a list of who is most likely to get to heaven is that we compare ourselves to other men and not to God.

How Good Is Good enough, because I'm pretty Good

How good do you have to be to get into heaven?

As long as we can find someone worse than us, we think we are good enough to get into heaven. That kind of thinking misses the point.

Try It On First

We should want people to investigate Jesus.

Jesus is worth investigating and Christians should encourage people to take enough time to evaluate his value.

Game Over

When will it all stop?

The comparison game hurts us no matter what side of the game we play on.