I have the greatest remote control anywhere. It is amazing what it can do with my television. If I miss something, I can replay it until I catch it, and then jump back into real time. If I cannot watch a program when it is scheduled, I just record it and watch it at my leisure. If it is boring, I just fast forward right until I reach the parts I like. I can watch anything I want, any time I want, and any way I want. I am in complete control. So where is my remote control for life?

The trouble with life is that it is so unpredictable. It just happens. If I am not ready, it goes on anyway. Birthdays come, children grow up and leave home, cars break down, and teeth get cavities, whether I am ready or not. Even the exciting things of life can come and go without giving you time to get ready: a baby's first step, a first kiss, a "take it or leave it" job offer. Sometimes the unexpected is not exciting, just painful: natural disaster, life threatening illness, or a child's crisis. If I am going to handle the surprises of life, I need a way to be as prepared as I can be for the road ahead.

The trouble with life is that it is so unpredictable. It just happens.
I need to understand what is important in life, I need to know what my purpose is for living, and I need to know how to make sense of what happens when life interrupts my living. Something needs to make sense out of all this. So here is what works for me. I believe God is in control of my life, I believe he has a purpose for me during my life, and I believe I will live forever because of his love for me.

So the unexpected curves and events of life make sense to me; not that I understand everything that happens, but because I trust in the one who does understand everything that happens. And frankly, if I didn't believe someone bigger than me was in charge, I am not sure I could take it. However, I know I am part of a bigger plan and I have a purpose within that plan.

You too can know that your life makes sense because it has purpose. Let me help you find it.

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