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2002 Two Minute Meditations:

New EVERY Morning
      Every day can be new with Jesus.

Sharing the Songs of Angels
      Sing like the angels...

Bringing Jesus to Our Children
      It's the greatest gift we can bring them.

Collision of Dreams
      Life isn't always as we planned it.

Thanksgiving's Reprise
      Autumn is a great time.

Thank You God for the Moon
      Thanks for simple gifts.

A Second Look
      Can we look at grace again?

Inviting Darkness Home
      What can we do about Internet pornography?

Season of Longer Darkness

Hidden Treasures Waiting to Be Found
      A lot is out there waiting to be discovered.

I Can't Remember What I've Forgotten
      We need help to remember what's truly important.

How Could He Let Him Go?
      Could he really do it?

Natural Causes
      Death is a natural thing.

Twilight 9:24
      Millions exist in the twilight...

Let's Remember Why We Do It!
      Let's go back to the place we started.

More Than a Change in Season

Remember with Hope
      We can never forget, but we can remember with hope.

Rest From Our Labors
      We rest for a reason.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Jesus
      We need to wear His glasses.

Growing, Learning, and Letting Go
      A real-life exercise in letting God work through us.

God Is NOT My Copilot
      Put Him in the pilot's seat!

Out of the Darkness
      Thank God for rescue.

Strongest in the Broken Places
      God strengthens where he heals.

No Liars There
      Can't we just tell the truth?

Cake Without the Calories
      It just doesn't work.

Not Without the Help of Friends
      Phil gets by with a little help...

The Unfinished Mission
      We're on a dangerous but important mission.


A Father Who Shouldered the Cross
      Simon picked up the cross, and it changed his life.

A Complicated Joy
      Is it right to celebrate, even when others are hurting?

      Bear the mark.

I Do!
      The commitment is real.

      Where everybody knows your name...

Don't Let the Years Steal Away the Dreaming
      You still need dreams of glory.

Thanks, Mom
      A note of thanks for a job well done.

Just Don't Hurt My Kid
      God's love is incredible.

After the Storm
      The landscape is different after the storm...

Worked Up Over Nothing
      Why are we so angry sometimes? What can we do about it?

Out of Chaos
      God can create order out of chaos.

The Day After
      What a difference a day can make!

What a Week!
      Ever have one of those weeks? So did Jesus...

The Blind Spot of Our Joy
      Even in our joy, we must look for the forgotten.

Pull It Back Before It Lands
      Unfortunately, our words are not like flyfishing.

Out of Alignment
      Are there bigger problems you need to fix?

Locked in a Starvation Box
      Are we starving ourselves?

      Life is sometimes unfair. What do we do with it?

At Home in Our Heart
      Is Jesus at home in your heart?

The Land of Uneasy Waiting
      Sometimes it is just hurry up and wait.

Finish Strong
      Wait patiently for the opportunity God has prepared for you.

RFID 2002
      He always knows where we are.

A Little Weeding?
      Our typo leads to a little insight on marriage.

That Stinkin' Little Fan
      Little things matter.

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